Useful Winter Eyecare Tips

Winter, with its chilly air and strong winds, can be a difficult season for your eyes. We have put together a list of useful tips to help you keep them healthy and preserve your vision during the coldest months of the year.

Protect your eyes indoors:

Prevent bacteria growth - During winter, we are all always looking for some heat. However, hot and confined rooms favour bacteria growth. To protect your eyes from infections, remember to open your windows everyday. This will improve ventilation and you will benefit from the fresh air.

Regulate room temperature - You should also regulate your thermostats wisely. Overheating tends to dry the air out, as well as your eyes. Try to keep the temperature around 20 degrees and, if you are feeling cold, wear a warm sweater or an extra blanket.

Protect your eyes outdoors:

Use eye drops - Eye drops help ease the dryness of your eyes, which can be caused by the cold air and the wind typical of this season. Your optician can advise on the best eye drops for sensitive dry eyes to avoid discomfort.

Protect your eyes from UV rays - Whether you're spending your winter holidays skiing or staying in the city, remember you are exposed to UV harmful sun rays all year round, even on cloudy days. Ask your optician to recommend the best UV- resistant lenses and protection goggles.

See your optician - Winter is the best time to take care of your eyes and ensure they stay healthy all year long. If you haven’t recently done so, it’s now time to book an eye examination.