Look after your eyes & they'll look after you. Find your nearest store

Look after your eyes & they'll look after you. Find your nearest store


We're not your run-of-the-mill opticians. For a start, we've been around for 42 years. Our family-run stores have been dedicated to serving our local communities one pair of eyes at a time.

We've grown since our humble beginnings in 1982, to operating 12 independent stores across London & the South East. Our mission? To help our local communities live their lives to the full through better eye care.

To date, we've taken care of over 1 million eyes, and we're not stopping there. By 2040, we're aiming to reach 3 million.

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"I am proud to work in a local independent practice where clinical excellence is our standard. Dedicating more time per patient and being part of our community allows me to provide personalised care that truly makes a difference."
Optometrist at Eye Emporium
"We’re all about the small things. Precise measurements. Meticulous attention to detail. All so you can see or hear those little things you haven’t seen or heard for a long time."
Salim Juma
Optometrist & CEO Eye Emporium

What to expect from your eye test

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    First up, we'll take a look at the overall health of your eyes with some pre-checks. This will help us to identify common eye conditions like dry eye or glaucoma, as well as detect any underlying health issues like diabetes or high blood pressure.

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    Next up, we'll test your sight. We'll ask you questions about your general health & lifestyle to determine if anything is affecting your vision. We'll then perform a series of tests, such as asking you to read from the letter chart.

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    Finally, we'll give you some feedback about the health of your eyes and your visual needs. If glasses or contact lenses would help, we'll let you know and work with you to find the best solution to meet your personal needs. This is your chance to ask us plenty of questions too.

Upgrade your eye test with an OCT Scan

Looking for complete peace of mind? We also offer OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) scans. The OCT scan creates a 3D image of the inside of your eye so we can measure the thickness of each layer of the retina. This quick, non-invasive scan can detect serious conditions earlier.

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Our highly skilled optometrists are experts in working with kids, so your little one will feel safe and comfortable. For all under 15s, we tailor the eye test according to their age and expected levels of development and growth. The aim is to give them a fun and educational experience. And don't forget, kids' eye tests are free up until they turn 16.
We believe there's a pair of glasses out there for everyone. From clear glasses frames to modern round styles, we have the shapes and colours to suit every face and every taste. Shop our high quality, premium lines, most of which are unisex, from the likes of Ray-Ban, Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren and David Beckham.
  • To avoid disappointment, we always advise booking via our website or over the phone.

  • If you're eligible for an NHS eye test, it's free. And if you're booking privately, it will cost £35. If you'd like an OCT Scan, it's an additional £20. If you book an eye exam together with an OCT, it will cost £49.

  • Having your eyes tested every two years is best. We'll help you stay on top of any changes, so you can keep living life to the fullest.

  • Nope! As long as you come during opening hours, our teams will be happy to help you find the perfect pair.

  • Although we won't always have the exact frames in every store, we will stock something from all your favourite brands. Rest assured, you'll have plenty to choose from.



Making the right choice when it comes to looking for glasses can be a little overwhelming. We get it. Whether you're searching for the perfect frames to suit your face shape, or looking for styles that make a statement – we're here to help.

From clear glasses frames to modern round styles, we have the shapes and colours to suit every face and taste. We believe there's a pair of glasses out there for everyone, which is why most of our collections are unisex.

You can browse all our frames online and swing by your nearest store to purchase. Because we believe there’s nothing better than face-to-face service to help you find the perfect pair. And who better to help you than our friendly in-store teams.


Looking for prescription glasses? You've come to the right place. Whether you already know your prescription or not, we've got the service you need.

If you haven’t had an eye test recently, simply book an eye exam via our website at your nearest store and we’ll ensure you get the right prescription glasses.

Already have a prescription? Come to the store with your existing prescription, choose your frames, and we’ll get it sorted. And just so you know: we offer both single vision or multifocals, so the choice is yours.