How can we help?

General Questions

  • To avoid disappointment, we always advise booking via our website or over the phone.

  • Nope! As long as you come during opening hours, our teams will be happy to help you find the perfect pair. Check the opening hours of each store, on the store webpage.

  • Find the frame you love. Then enter your location in our handy 'TRY GLASSES IN STORE' feature. It will tell you if the frame is in stock.

Buying Advice

  • Nothing beats face-to-face care, especially when it comes to your eye health. That's why you can only purchase our glasses and contact lenses in-store, with the help of our expert teams.

  • Please contact the store you purchased them from directly to arrange returns.

  • If you haven’t had an eye test recently, simply book an eye exam via our website at your nearest store and we’ll ensure you get the right prescription glasses.

    Already have a prescription? Come to your local store with your existing prescription, choose your frames, and we’ll get it sorted. And just so you know: we offer both single vision and multifocal lenses, so the choice is yours.

    That's not all. You can start the search for your perfect pair of glasses from home. Just browse our ranges online.

Eye Testing

  • You should have your eyes tested at least every 2 years, even if you haven't experienced any problems.

  • We only get one pair of eyes, so we need to look after them! As well as checking up on your eye health, an eye exam can spot things, like glaucoma (a serious eye condition), that often go unnoticed. They can also detect other underlying health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure before you experience symptoms.

  • Simple! You can find your nearest store and book online. Alternatively, call our team to book directly.


  • If you think you've suffered hearing loss or are having trouble with your hearing, the earlier you intervene, the better your chances are of managing and improving your hearing successfully.

  • After the audiologist asks you a few questions, they'll check the overall health of your ears. Then they'll test your ears by playing sounds at different pitches through a pair of headphones and asking you to press a button every time you hear a sound. You'll then be asked to wear a special headband that will test how well you hear sounds through vibrations.

  • Yes we do! At our Kent stores. We remove ear wax through micro suction technique. Contact your local store directly for more details.