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Is a second pair of glasses worth it?

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Is a second pair of glasses worth it?

Not everyone thinks about it, but getting a second pair of glasses is actually a very smart choice (especially when they are on offer). Second pairs can save your life in an emergency, particularly if your glasses get broken and you have poor vision. They can be extremely useful when you forget your main pair of glasses, and in a number of other circumstances. They are also ideal if you want to change your look and match different styles and outfits.

Let us explain all the good reasons why you should buy a second pair of glasses:

  1. Get a new pair of (prescription) sunglasses

    Sunglasses are a great option for your second pair. They add to your personal style while ensuring your eyes stay protected from the harmful UV rays. You can get your second pair of sunglasses with or without prescription lenses, depending on your individual needs. You can get them with tinted or polarised lenses, and they come in many different shapes and colours. From iconic Ray-Ban to the new DKNY, you have plenty of options to choose from.

  2. Enhance your look and change styles

    Glasses today are more than just for vision correction: they make a real style statement. Each and every frame can give a unique perception of your look and style. With a second pair of glasses you can change your look, and add personality to your outfit. Switch styles, get creative and have fun matching your glasses with your clothes, clothes and accessories. You can check this guide for the latest sunglasses trends.

  3. Make your life easier

    A second pair of glasses can be a life saver. When your glasses break or get lost, or even when you simply forget them, you will thank yourself for getting that extra pair. Similarly, if you wear contact lenses and you accidentally lose or break them, having a pair of glasses ready to wear is extremely useful. Owning a second pair of glasses can be crucial in an emergency, especially for those with very poor vision.

  4. Use them for a specific task

    A second pair of glasses can be made and worn for specific activities only. For example, if you work with your computer a lot, you can get your second pair with blue light blocking lenses to protect your eyes. Similarly, if you have presbyopia and cannot focus clearly on close objects, reading glasses are your perfect second pair.

  5. Get a pair of Sport sunglasses

    If you are an active person, sport glasses can be the perfect second pair in addition to your everyday glasses. Sport sunglasses should be light and comfortable to wear, and they need to be strong enough to resist in any weather condition. They also need to adapt to your necessities while doing sport, which is why there are plenty of options with various shapes and different features.

    Polarised lenses, for instance, are a popular choice among runners, skiers, and athletes who perform near water as they reduce glare and enhance contrast, offering a clearer vision. Simply ideal for any outdoor activity, these lenses will make a huge difference in your sport performance.

Discover our second pair offer

In all Eye Emporium, Open Eye, and Braham Opticians stores you can now buy a second pair of glasses or sunglasses half price! Choose your frames from the latest designer collections and combine them with cutting-edge technology lenses from HOYA.

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