Dry Eyes and the Value of Dry Eye Drops

Dry Eyes and the Value of Dry Eye Drops

There are numerous conditions of the eye that result in one requiring the use of eye drops. In many cases, a simple over-the-counter eye drop such as dry eye drops is enough to manage the symptoms and treat dry eye.

Dry Eyes and Dry Eye drops

Dry eyes is the leading cause of presentations to emergency eye departments however it can very easily be managed by your local optometrist prescribing you the right dry eye drops.

The symptoms of dry eye include (and are not limited to):

  • burning
  • watering
  • redness
  • irritation
  • blurred vision
  • discomfort
  • itchiness

Dry eye is a multifactorial condition where treatment often consists of simply managing the symptoms using dry eye drops. There are numerous factors and regular activities in day-to-day life that may aggravate dry eye symptoms, such as environment, screen exposure, and age. Dry eye symptoms can ultimately impair an individual’s quality of life but, luckily, dry eye drops can bring instant relief, allowing patients to carry on with their life as normal.

Dry eyes and the Environment

Without us realising, the environment that we are in can affect our tear film. Working in air-conditioned environments or conversely, very well heated environments, can cause disruption to the tear film and its stability. Using eye drops can help with the symptoms of eye discomfort that may result from this.

In winter months, the cold weather and strong winds can cause our tears to evaporate quicker, resulting in dry eye symptoms. This can be overcome by using a slightly thicker or more viscous dry eye drop such as Thealoz Duo that will prevent the tear film from evaporating too quickly from the surface of the eye.

Dry eyes and Screens

Looking at screens, be they VDU screens, tablet screens or mobile screens, results in us blinking less than we should. In fact, research shows that we blink up to 70% less when looking at a screen. Many of us spend several hours looking at screens during the day for different reasons, such as work, studying, shopping, or scrolling through social media. By us blinking less frequently, we are not spreading and replenishing tears over the front surface of our eye, which can result in dry eye and dry eye like symptoms.

Taking breaks from screens is crucial in order to ensure regular blinking. Using dry eye drops is also a very efficient solution to overcome dry eye symptoms caused by screens. If you are constantly exposed to screens, you might also want to try HOYA Sync III lenses, which are advanced technology lenses made specifically to avoid eye strain caused by digital devices.

Dry eyes and Age-related problems

Age is also one of the main causes of dry eye. As we get older, more and more of us suffer from dry eyes and associated conditions, such as blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction. Alongside the use of dry eye drops, there are treatments available for the associated conditions which your optometrist can advise you on.

Taking medication and suffering from certain medical conditions associated with age may be risk factors for developing dry eye. Depending on its severity, symptoms can be managed by using eye drops.

Types of Dry Eye and Eye Drops

Depending on the “type” of dry eye one suffers from, your optometrist may prescribe you with different eye drops. Dry eye drops can come as a liquid eye drop or as a more viscous, thicker eye gel for night time use. Many a time when going to your local pharmacy or supermarket chain, one may be confused by the plethora of dry eye drops available. It is therefore advisable to seek professional advice. An optometrist will assess your eyes and will be able to advise you on the best eye drop, treatment and management plan for you.

Dry Eye Drops: The Hycosan range

Our dry eye drop selection is vast and includes a variety of eye drops from the Hycosan range. Following an assessment of your eye health, our qualified optometrists will be happy to guide you towards the right eye drop choice for your dry eyes.

Our Hycoasn eye drops range is made up of:

Hycosan Original and Hycosan Fresh for mild dry eyes, Hycosan Extra for moderate to severe dry eye, Hycosan plus to manage the symptoms of dry eye and help corneal healing, Hycosan dual for evaporative dry eye and a gel for night use.

Book your eye test at Eye Emporium

At Eye Emporium, we offer a special dry eye test specifically for those suffering from dry eye. Our trained optometrists will guide you on what dry eye treatment is best for you, and will advise on the right eye drops (or a combination of products), instructing you on how and when to use them, and establishing the length of your treatment.

For more information feel free to get in touch or visit your nearest store. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

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