Your eyes are not made for screens. HOYA Sync III lenses are.

Research has shown that we blink up to 70% less when looking at a screen. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak in a already-digital world, many of us are now working, doing shopping, meeting friends, and doing all sorts of activities remotely.

This has resulted in us spending significantly longer time in front of a screen, which may cause eye strain, headaches, dryness, and blurred vision.

Prevent eye strain caused by screens

HOYA Sync III lenses are made to avoid eye strain caused by digital devices. Designed with a ‘boost zone’ at the bottom of the lens, which slightly increases lens power to support and relax the eye muscles, HOYA Sync III lenses allow the eyes to focus more easily, relieving eye strain and enhancing visual comfort during up-close activities in a digital world.

HOYA Sync III is the third and improved generation of accomodative support lenses, specifically designed to relax the eyes while looking at screens.

How Sync III lenses work

The short video below will help you understand more about the technology and design of Sync III lenses.

Try Sync III lenses today

According to HOYA research experts, anyone who spends at least 2 hours a day looking at digital devices should be using this type of lenses. If you wish to book an eye appointment or find out whether Sync III lenses can be an option for you, please ask a member of staff or visit your branch.