Discover polarised sunglasses

Everybody is talking about polarised sunglasses! But what does ‘polarised’ mean, and why should we choose polarised lenses? Let us explain everything about polarisation.

Polarised lenses have a special filter designed to reduce glare, enhance contrast and protect your eyes. They provide additional clarity and comfort, making objects look crisper and details easier to see.

Polarised lenses are slightly darker than standard lenses, which helps reduce eyestrain, particularly in bright light. They also offer the highest level of protection, blocking 100% of harmful UVA/B sun rays.

When is best to wear polarised sunglasses?

Polarised sunglasses are the best option to wear outdoors, especially when you spend a long time near wate, snow, or when you are driving. Reflection is significantly reduced also when looking at metal and glass objects.

Polarised sunglasses are a great choice for active people who will benefit from an enhanced vision while doing sport. Many athletes choose polarised lenses to improve their vision, and guarantee more safety and a better performance.

Sailors and fishermen love polarised lenses as they allow them to see more clearly through water. Snowboarders and skiers are also keen on these lenses as they help them see clearer on the slopes.

Some people who have very light-sensitive eyes (like people with blue eyes) will also find polarised sunglasses extremely beneficial to avoid strain and keep their eyes relaxed.

Choose your polarised sunglasses at Eye Emporium

Polarised sunglasses are increasingly popular in the UK, with polarised Ray-Ban sunglasses and Carrera being many people’s favourites. Polarised lenses are available for both men’s sunglasses and women’s sunglasses.

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