5 reasons why you should have regular eye tests

As opticians, we cannot stress enough the importance of taking regular eye exams. Here are five reasons why you should have annual eye exams to safeguard your health and wellness.

1. We only get one set of eyes

It may sound obvious, but it’s an important reminder: you only have one pair of eyes. There is no replacement for them, meaning that taking care of them is vital. An eye test is the only way to ensure your eyes stay healthy and your vision is good.

Having regular eye tests is crucial also for children, as vision loss can have a negative impact on their social development and school performance.

2. Spot potentially blinding eye conditions early

Did you know that more than 75% cases of blindness are preventable if identified in time? Many eye conditions show no symptoms in their early stages, meaning you may not realise you have a serious problem until your vision is affected.

For certain eye conditions, such as glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy, prevention is the only cure. This alone is a good reason to have regular eye tests.

3. Poor eyesight is dangerous

This is something not many people consider, but an eye test can save your life. When your vision is poor because your prescription has changed (or for any other clinical reason) you become dangerous for yourself and others.

Home accidents, and especially car accidents are more likely to happen. It has been estimated that around 3,000 injuries every year in the UK are caused by drivers with poor eyesight. If you are a driver, take an eye exam to ensure you do not risk your life or your licence.

4. Sight deteriorates with age

An eye test can help identify age-related vision problems. These are very common, especially as we reach our 60s, and beyond. Some conditions, such as presbyopia, are considered normal and can be easily solved with a pair of good reading glasses.

Another common vision problem among older people is the formation of cataract, which nowadays is successfully treated with surgery. Major age- related issues include macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy.

5. Might detect other underlying health issues

An eye test spots changes in your prescription and checks your eye health, but can also detect underlying health issues. During comprehensive eye exams, optometrists have a close-up look at your blood vessels, optic nerves, and other complex eye structures, which can indicate the presence of health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Other health problems that an eye test can detect are autoimmune diseases, some forms of cancer and other neurological conditions .

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