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Fantastic Offers for Under 16s in our stores

At Eye Emporium, glasses in our Under 16 core range are free with an NHS optical voucher. We know however that one pair of glasses is never enough for children and teens, who might lose and damage their glasses more often than adults. This is why Under 16s can now benefit from two fantastic Second Pair Offers:
Choose your first pair of glasses from our Under 16 core range and get a second complete pair for only £19.95*


Purchase your first pair of glasses from our Under 16 designer range, and get a free second pair.*

To discover our children offers, visit your local store, or if your child does not have an up to date prescription, please book an eye test.

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Under 16s Designer Brands:

Book an eye test for your child

Eye tests are crucial for children as their development is strictly related to the sense of sight. In fact, approximately 80% of a child’s learning happens through their sight. Having their eyes tested regularly is therefore extremely important to maintain their eye health and to spot signs of potential eye conditions early, when they are most treatable.

Our opticians recommend that Under 16s have an eye test every year, ideally before school begins. If your child hasn’t had an eye examination recently, please get in touch with you local practice, or book an appointment online.

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*Terms & Conditions
Second Pairs available from our Under 16 core range only. One prescription only. Second Pair offers cannot be claimed in conjunction with other offers. Offer available in select Eye Emporium stores only.