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Earwax Removal at Eye Emporium Opticians

Earwax blockages can be very troublesome and even painful. Normally, earwax (also known as cerumen) is expelled naturally by the ear. However, when wax isn't cleared well enough, it can build up in your ear canal and reduce your hearing ability.

Earwax blockages also happen when people try to get earwax out on their own by using cotton buds or other items in their ears. This usually pushes wax deeper into the ear, rather than removing it, and makes removal more difficult.

To treat earwax blockages correctly, you should always see an ear specialist. At Eye Emporium, we offer earwax removal through clinical microsuction.

To book an earwax removal appointment, please contact your nearest store from the list, or book online using the button below. Kindly note we can offer earwax removal appointments only to patients aged 18 or over.

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Earwax Removal through microsuction

Our Eye Emporium experts utilise microsuction to remove troublesome earwax from your ears. Microsuction is the safest method for effective, pain free earwax removal. The procedure is extremely simple, and involves the use of a small suction device to gently remove the wax from your ear.

Microsuction is a dry procedure that reduces the risks associated with the traditional syringe method, which is often uncomfortable and can cause tinnitus, dizziness, and sometimes even pain.

What to expect at your Earwax Removal appointment

On the day of your appointment, our hearing specialist will first ask you some important questions about your hearing and medical history. We will then thoroughly examine your ears and, if suitable for microscuction, begin the procedure.

If your earwax is hard and impacted, we may ask you to apply softening agents such as Earol, and return at a later datE to have the wax removed. This is to ensure that the wax softens sufficiently to allow easy removal from the wall of your ear canal.

Signs and Symptoms of Ear Blockage

Too much earwax in your ears can cause discomfort and other symptoms, including – but not limited to:

  • Muffled sounds: some sounds are not as clear as they usually are
  • Partial hearing loss: you’re unable to hear words and sounds clearly, having a conversation becomes very challenging
  • A sense of ‘fullness’ in your ears: earwax build up typically makes you feel as if your ears are full
  • Itchiness: sometimes the urge to scratch your ears can signify the presence of too much earwax
  • Pressure: your may experience a sense of ‘heaviness’ and pressure in your ears
  • Tinnitus: you may hear sudden “ringing” or “buzzing” in your ears
  • Dizziness: when there is an earwax blockage, a sense of dizziness is often experienced
  • Coughing: even though this might seem unrelated, ear blockage can actually cause coughing
  • Discharge: you may see fluid leaking out of your ear
Earwax build up, if left untreated, can also lead to ear infections and you may start experiencing earache, vertigo, nausea, and other symptoms.

If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, do not attempt to remove earwax with home remedies, as these will typically make your blockage worse.

You should instead book an earwax removal appointment.

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Earwax removal appointments are available only in select practices. We currently offer this service at:

Please contact your local practice to book an earwax removal appointment, or book online by clicking the button below. This service is offered only to patients aged 18 or over.

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