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Eye Care Tests for Children

Researchers have reported that 1 in 5 children in the UK have an undetected eye problem. Children, especially the youngest, may not realise they have a vision problem so there's a risk that an eye condition might never be spotted. Untreated eye problems in children have important consequences as they can affect their development, social interaction, and school performance.

Eye tests for children are specifically designed to diagnose any eye and vision problems in children. Children can have an eye test at any age, in fact being able to read is not necessary. Our expert optometrists are trained to perform eye tests for children and are familiar with the techniques and equipment adopted to test their eyes.

For our younger patients, we use special charts so that they can recognise shapes instead of numbers and letters. Parents are allowed in the testing room all the time. In fact, booking an eye test for the entire family can be a great option to help children feel less intimidated by watching their parents having an eye test.

In order to prevent and detect any eye problem, it is crucial that parents bring their children to the optician at least once a year, even before they start school.

All children under 16 are entitled to a free eye test and a contribution towards glasses paid by the NHS. Students in full-time education are also eligible for a free eye test.

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Children's Glasses

In all our Eye Emporium, Open Eye and John High branches, you will find everything you need for your child’s optical needs. Our children’s glasses and sunglasses are designed using skin-friendly materials and lightweight builds for the maximum wearing comfort.

We store a wide range of children frames, from simple to stylish, with exciting different brands, colours and shapes, ideal for active children and sport enthusiasts. And, of course, we have matching cases where your children’s glassses can be safely stored. Should any damage happen, a repair and replacement service for your child’s broken glasses is available in all our stores.

We also stock a selection of free childrens’ frames to choose from when using an Under 16s NHS voucher.

Please visit your nearest branch or give us a call for any query regarding children’s glasses and eyecare.