Types of Appointment we offer

Adult Eye Test

Regular eye tests are crucial to maintain eye health and to preserve your vision. We offer comprehensive eye examinations in all our London and Kent practices, which last approximately half an hour and are performed by our highly experienced optometrists.

Our eye specialist will ask you about any sight concerns you may have to ensure these are addressed thoroughly. Your eyes will be examined both internally and externally for signs of abnormality or disease. Your prescription will also be checked to ensure your glasses still meet your individual requirements.

During your first appointment, you will be asked additional questions about your ocular history, general health and family history.

After your eye examination, our expert team of dispensing opticians will discuss lenses and frames options with you to help you find the best solution for your individual needs.

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Children's Eye Test

Children can have an eye test at any age, as being able to read is not necessary. Untreated eye problems in children affect their development, so it’s important to have their eyes checked early - especially before they start school.

Eye tests for children are performed by our trained optometrists using a special equipment adapted to their specific needs. For children who are still unable to read, we use specially designed charts that allow them to recognise shapes or pictures.

Our specialists know that the testing room can feel a little intimidating, so they will adopt techniques to make it feel as welcoming as possible. Parents are allowed in the testing room throughout the entire test.

All children under 16 are entitled to a free eye test and a contribution towards glasses paid by the NHS. Students in full-time education are also eligible.

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Contact Lens Assessment

Our optometrists are specialised in fitting contact lenses. Contact lenses can offer advantages over spectacles, providing a wider field of view and sharper vision. They are also ideal to wear while doing sport, and facilitate outdoor activities.

Before wearing contact lenses, you will need a thorough eye examination, as well as a contact lens assessment. Our expert will check your eye health and will take some crucial measurements, such as base curve and diameter, that will help determine the best fit.

Once you try contact lenses on, additional vision and comfort assessments will be carried out. Our optometrist will also teach you how to wear contact lenses, and how to correctly take care of them.

Choosing the right contact lenses is a very subjective and individual experience, and depends on your prescription, lifestyle and wearing time. Some people opt for daily contact lenses, some prefer monthly contact lenses.The range of options available is wide, and the optometrist’s role is crucial to help you through this process.

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Contact Lens Aftercare

A contact lens aftercare is a very important assessment that allows our optometrist to check whether your contact lenses are still right and comfortable for you. Especially if you’ve been wearing contact lenses for a while, you’ll need to ensure that your eyes are still healthy and your vision is clear.

During the assessment, our specialist will also be able to offer advice on any discomfort you may have, including dryness or irritation.

As things evolve and change in life, you may find that your current contact lenses are not the best fit for you anymore. A contact lens aftercare is the best occasion to rediscuss your lenses choice and, if needed, switch to lenses that better match your lifestyle.

Please note that routine aftercare is part of wearing contact lenses, and it’s important to book one regularly.

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Hearing Assessment

An excellent hearing care service is available at John High Faversham and John High Sittingbourne. This includes a hearing assessment, correction, and aftercare. Our hearing tests are free of charge and last about an hour. Our expert audiologist will ask about your important questions about your hearing experience and family history.

A thorough hearing examination will then follow, during which your ears will be examined. To test your hearing, you will be asked to wear a pair of headphones. Our audiologist will play sounds at different pitches in your ears and you will be asked to press a button every time you hear a sound.

Once the test is done, our hearing specialist will discuss the results of your hearing test with you. Should you require assistance, such as hearing aids, our qualified team will help you find the best solution for your needs, lifestyle and budget.

Regular hearing checks are extremely important for your wellbeing. Hearing tests should be done every two years if you are under 40, and every year if you are over 40.

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Hearing Aftercare

Once you’ve started using your hearing aids, you will need regular checks to ensure your hearing aids still match your hearing requirements. During your aftercare appointment, your hearing will be retested and your hearing aids settings will be adjusted.

Our John High audiologist will also ask you relevant questions about your experience with your hearing aids. This is crucial for us to be able to match your hearing aids performance to your actual everyday needs, depending on the difficulties you may find in everyday life.

It can take some time and a few aftercare appointments before you start enjoying confidence in your hearing again, but rest assured our expert audiologist will assist you every step of the way.

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Other Services

Earwax Removal - Our John High practices offer an ear wax removal service. Microsuction is the safest method to remove ear wax build-up. It is a completely dry procedure that will free you from any wax build-up in your ears. It’s safe, quick and pain-free.

Please contact your local John High Store for more information.