Switch to Contact Lenses for the Summer

We’ve all been enjoying the great weather here in the UK over the last few weeks. This Summer has probably been THE Summer of all Summers. With the bright blue skies, the lovely warmth, the bright sun and the long days- the big question is: What’s not to enjoy?

As Opticians, we often find that spectacle wearers feel a little restricted in the hotter months of the year and so here are our top 3 reasons to consider switching to contact lenses this Summer.

1. Pull out those Sunglasses

We all love our sunglasses, especially with that perfect Summer outfit- it just completes the look! However, spectacle wearers often find that, unless they have prescription sunglasses, they are unable to see. In fact, even with prescription sunglasses they often find that they need to carry a spare pair of clear glasses in case they need to go indoors and can no longer wear their sunglasses.

Contact lenses can help in this situation by providing clear vision without the need for any correction. This allows for us wearing a normal set of non-prescription sunglasses and to take them off as and when we please and not worry that we cant see.

2. Play Summer Sports and Games

As the weather is getting better, there are more and more outdoor sports being played such as outdoor running/ charity runs, football, cricket, outdoor fun runs, obstacle courses, and many more. The sweatier we get, the more likely we are to find our glasses a nuisance as we repeatedly push them up our noses.

Contact lenses are a great alternative to spectacles in these cases. Contact lenses allow for us to be hands free in these situations enabling us to be more focused on the task at hand. Contact lenses also help reduce other spectacle-related sports issues such as steamed up lenses, ocular injury (contact/ball/etc), and broken glasses.

3. Enjoy your Holidays

We all like getting away in the Summer and having contact lenses makes traveling much easier. Wearers often find that contact lenses provide them with a much clearer vision, enabling them to really enjoy those beautiful sunsets and views. Contact lenses allow you to get underway with the activities you’re doing without any concerns, and cosmetically enable you to be spectacle free to capture those perfect pictures.

Daily disposable contact lenses are fantastic for holidays and social wear. They are the best soft contact lens in terms of hygiene and due to the single use design allow for flexibility in wear meaning they are suitable for those who wear their contact lenses every day and for those who wear them occasionally.

Monthly/2 weekly reusable contact lenses generally tend to be a favourite amongst the more cost-conscious regular wearers. Though they still give you the benefits that come with contact lenses, they are not as convenient as a daily disposable contact lens as they require some cleaning and care. However, they are usually cheaper than dailies.

Ready to try Contact Lenses for the Summer?

The list of the benefits of contact lenses goes on, but to truly understand the difference that contact lenses could make to your life, talk to an expert and make the switch this Summer.

To get yourself some contact lenses, call your local Eye Emporium practice and ask for more information, or book a contact lens appointment with one of our practitioners. Our staff are more than willing to guide you along your contact lens journey and answer any questions you may have about contact lenses, their prices, which lenses are the best for you based on your lifestyle, prescription, expectations and requirements.