Summer Eye Care Tips

Summer Eye Care Tips

As days are getting brighter and things are heating up, here are our top tips for looking after your eyes.

Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses should be an important part of your Summer wardrobe. Not only do they contribute to the overall Summer “look”, but they can provide vital eye protection from UV rays, which is extremely important. UV light/radiation is a form of energy transmitted from the sun that we cannot see or feel. In small doses, exposure to sunlight is beneficial as it helps the body produce vitamin D. However, exposure to too much UV light can be dangerous.

Many of us are aware of the risks and dangers associated with UV light and overexposure to the skin, which is why when the sun is out, we all tend to head straight for the SPF 50 to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. In the same way we do this, we should also protect our eyes. This can be done via the use of UV protection sunglasses.

Learn about UV Exposure Risks

Our eyes are 10 times more sensitive to UV light than our skin. Just as we can sustain a sunburn on our skin caused by UV light (including our eye lids), we can also sustain burns on the cornea of the eye, which can cause a temporary loss in sight. When our eyes are exposed to UV rays, we are more likely to develop cataracts, which is clouding of the lens in the eye. Retinal exposure to UV light can also put you more at risk of developing sight threatening conditions, such as macular degeneration.

UV eye protection is a great way to limit the exposure of our eyes to UV light. It can come in multiple forms, such as a simple UV coating on your lenses, 100% UV protection sunglasses or high protection UV sunglasses, You could also opt for transition lenses which change colour according to the levels of UV light, meaning that - come rain or shine - your eyes are always protected.

Find the Right Sunglasses

At this point you may be asking yourself: “how do I know if my sunglasses have UV protection?” Often sunglasses that you purchase will have a sticker on them to say that they offer 100% UV protection. Sometimes this may be written in the merchandise leaflet that comes with the sunglasses. In most cases, sunglasses bought from Optical Retailers will offer UV protection. This is often not the case with sunglasses bought from high street fashion stores - please beware of them.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water in the hot weather is important to ensure that we do not become dehydrated. Our tears are mainly composed of water. A reduced water intake can affect our eyes and cause dry eyes in the Summer.

Use Eye Drops

As well as keeping hydrated to help with dry eyes, you can use dry eye drops to relieve the symptoms of dry eyes in the Summer. Depending on the type of dry eye one suffers from and how its effecting the eyes, your Optometrist will guide you to the best dry eye drop for you.

Bring a Travel Pack

When traveling abroad, or even locally, ensure you have a travel pack for all your eye needs, be it travel-sized contact lens solutions and cases, dry eye drops, spectacle cases, sunglasses, etc.

Try Contact Lenses

Consider a switch to contact lenses when outdoors. This will allow you to wear UV protection sunglasses to keep your eyes safe whilst looking good. Some contact lenses also offer UV shielding, providing extra protection for your eyes.

For further information about Summer eye care please call in and book an appointment with one of our practitioners.
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