How to choose the right glasses

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How to choose the right glasses

Walking into an optician, surrounded by hundreds of glasses in different colour, shape. materials and size can often leave you rather confused. We all have an idea of what fashion trends are, what we would like to look like, what impression we would like to make on others all the while ensuring we are comfortable. Considering all of these factors as well as our spectacle prescription can make choosing spectacles a pretty daunting task. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

Determine your face shape

Checking your face shape and size is often the starting point when it comes to choosing frames. As a given, smaller faces would require smaller frame selection. Vice versa, larger faces would require larger frames. For those with oval faces, the majority of frames are complementary. When it comes to round faces, squarer frames usually fit well. On that token, the opposite is usually the case with rounder frames being more flattering for those with squarer faces.

Consider your skin tone and eye colour

Each model of frame usually come in a variety of colours. Darker, solid colours tend to look better on warmer skin tones, while brighter colours tend to look better on those who have cooler skin tones. The colour of your eyes can also determine which frames look best on you. Frames that are blue, grey, silver, and some shades of green will complement blue eyes best since they are in the same colour spectrum. Earthy tones are great for those with brown/dark eyes, as well as standard black and grey frames. Red frames, as green's complementary colour, are a natural go-to choice to make green eyes stand out.

Take your prescription into account

Considering your prescription is also key when choosing a particular frame shape. Higher prescriptions tend to benefit from smaller, symmetrical frames as the thickness of the lenses is minimised. Something to consider is also frame material and thickness. With higher prescriptions, thicker frames and plastic frames are usually a better choice and are more cosmetically pleasing than thinner metal frames as they conceal the thickness of the lens, which is more noticeable in the thinner metal frames.

Don't forget your lifestyle

One thing we often forget to consider when making choices about our spectacles is our lifestyle. If we have young children/toddlers running around, going for a stronger, more durable frame is advisable as kids often tend to grab and break spectacles. For people who spend a lot of their time driving, a frame with thinner sides is a better option as it allows for a wider peripheral view, enhancing awareness and road safety. If you prioritise comfort, thinner lighter frames are a better choice as the heavier ones may slip down the nose from time to time due to their weight.

Your confidence matters

When it comes to choosing the “wild and wacky” frames – it’s all a matter of confidence. People don’t tend to choose these frames for fashion, or to look subtle, distinguished, or elegant. They choose them to make a statement with their bright colours and unusual shapes. Therefore, the wearer needs to to be extremely confident in their glasses and how they look wearing them. The rule is simple: if you are confident wearing the quirky frames, THEY WILL LOOK GOOD ON YOU.

We can help you FEEL good in your glasses

The above are simply suggestions and are not set in stone. We hope our tips have helped you gain a general idea of what to look at/for when choosing your new pair of glasses. However, trying frames on with the advice of someone in the field is definitely the best way to find glasses that will suit you. At Eye Emporium our trained styling experts will be happy to lend a hand when it comes to choosing your spectacle frames, ensuring that you go away looking your very best and that you have invested in a pair of spectacles that is right for YOU!

Visit your nearest Eye Emporium practice to choose the right glasses for you with one of our experts.
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