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Your eyes are in safe hands with us; every one of our teams shares a wealth of eye care and eyewear knowledge.

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You don’t need to worry about your examination. Our experts will take their time explaining everything in detail and answering all of your questions.

Specialist Clinics

If you have an eye condition visit one of our specialist eye clinics to prevent damage to your sight or health.

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We have 13 practices in and around London; find your local team by clicking here.

London opticians who are dedicated to helping you see and look better

Your eyesight is precious, so it’s important that you seek out professionals with only the highest standards of clinical eye care to look after it. Not only that, but you also want a level of service that you can only expect from an independent business, and a large selection of fashionable frames to choose from.

That may sound like too much to ask, but it’s exactly what we offer at Eye Emporium’s 13 branches of independent opticians. We take pride in being able to cater for all patients, from the very young to elderly people. We want you to experience the very best in eye care; we’d love you to trust us with your whole family’s eye health.

Our team of highly skilled optometrists have a wealth of experience and can put even the most nervous of patients at ease with a thorough, comprehensive eye examination. The regular training and further education of the team means that we are also able to offer specialist clinics for patients who require it. For example, we regularly run dry eye, glaucoma, and diabetic clinics on top of routine examinations.

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