our Second Pair Offer

Save money on your glasses

Did you know that at Eye Emporium you can get a second pair of glasses or sunglasses half price?

We're running a fantastic Second Pair Offer which entitles you to a 50% discount on an additional pair of lenses (like-for-like) when you buy a second complete pair of glasses or sunglasses within 90 days from your first purchase.

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Why should you get a Second Pair?

A second pair of glasses gives you a chance to refresh your look, switch styles, and get a new pair of sunglasses you love. You can choose your frames from the latest collections of designer brands available in our stores.

With our special Second Pair offer, you can:

Get a new pair of sunglasses 

A pair of sunglasses is always great to have. You can wear them as prescription sunglasses, or simply as a protection from the sun while wearing contact lenses. From iconic Ray-Ban to the new DKNY, we have plenty of options for you to choose from.

Enhance your look and change styles

Glasses today are more than just for vision correction: they make a real style statement. Each and every frame can give a unique perception of your look and style. With a second pair of glasses you can change your look, and add personality to your outfit.

Make your life easier

A second pair of glasses can be a life saver. When your glasses accidentally break or get lost, or even when you just forget them, you will thank yourself for getting that extra pair. Especially if you even struggle to accomplish easy tasks without your spectacles.

Use glasses for a specific task

A second pair of glasses can be made for specific activities only. If you work with your computer a lot, get your second pair with blue light blocking lenses to protect your eyes. Similarly, if you have presbyopia and cannot focus clearly on close objects, reading glasses are your perfect second pair.

Take advantage of our Second Pair Offer today!