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Buy your new pair of glasses online at Eye Emporium

Buying glasses online has neve been easier. Eye Emporium are independent opticians based in London and Kent, UK. Our online store has a wide range of glasses frames from top brands, such as Ray Ban, Prada, and many more. With a few simple clicks, we can send your favourite designer glasses right to your door. Prescription and non-prescription options available.

Our glasses

On our website, you can purchase reading glasses and prescription glasses to correct vision problems such as myopia (short-sightedness, for which you should select values with a minus when entering your prescription), hyperopia (long-sightedness - select values with a plus), and presbyopia (see reading glasses).

We also offer computer glasses, also called blue light glasses, specially designed for people who stare at the screen for significantly long time.

Prescription sunglasses are also an available option for you to be able to enjoy your days out in the sun with a perfect vision.

Fashion eyewear

We believe that eyewear should not only be functional, but also fashionable. We stock the latest trends in eyewear, so that the best designer glasses are available to you online at Eye Emporium. Browse the best fashion glasses on our website, and you will find just the right pair of frames for your style and outfit!

NHS glasses and glasses for children

NHS vouchers can’t be used on our website, but are accepted in all our practices. In these practices you will find glasses for children and adults that you can buy using NHS vouchers. To find-out more, please ask our our staff, or call your local Eye Emporium, Open Eye, or John High branch.