We know how important it is to protect our eyes from UV rays, but what about the effects of blue light rays?

Sunlight, or white light, is made of a spectrum of different coloured light rays with different wavelengths. Light rays with longer wavelengths carry smaller amounts of energy, and shorter wavelengths carry larger amounts of energy. Blue light has shorter wavelengths and so carries higher amounts of energy when compared to other parts of the visible spectrum, with a key function being linked to its impact on the sleep/wake cycle through regulation of the Circadian Rhythm.

Blue light can come from natural daylight, artificial lighting and digital devices. When outside, blue rays from the sun travel through the atmosphere. Artificial sources include energy efficient LED lighting as well as digital devices such as tablets and mobile phones, albeit on a much lower level.

"Blue light can come from natural daylight, artificial lighting and digital devices." Zayn Rajan - Eye Emporium


Whilst research to understand the effects of blue light continues, there is evidence to suggest that using screens around bedtime can contribute to disrupted sleep patterns. This is potentially because blue light has been linked to the suppression of melatonin, a hormone key to sleep/wake regulation. However, a number of other factors can also contribute to sleep disruption.

Some people report that MAR coatings that filter unwanted blue light help to alleviate the impact of blue light on sleep whilst also providing more visual comfort.

We offer two lens options that help protect your eyes from harmful blue light, wether you are behind a computer screen or outside on a bright day.

When adding your favourite frame from our website to your basket, select the prescription option and you will be able to choose from:


Digital Protection lenses’ protective shield reduces glare and helps filter blue light from digital.


Transitions® lenses are intelligent lenses that adapt to changing light conditions, whilst blocking harmful UV and blue light.

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