As recently reported by The Times, research suggests that people wearing aids for age-related hearing problems maintain better cognitive functions than those with similar problems who don’t use them. This suggests that hearing aids help maintain better cognitive functions by slowing the ageing of the brain.

At Eye Emporium, we have been devoted to offering our patients the best clinical knowledge and care, which is why we have introduced a Specialist Hearing Health Service in all our John High practices.

We ensure the latest innovative technology is brought to you, and our team of highly skilled professionals will use their wealth of experience to provide you with the highest standards of clinical care.

Your first comprehensive hearing test with us is free of charge. Our expert audiologist will detect any deterioration in your hearing, and discuss with you all aspects of how this may be impacting on your quality of life.

Should you require so, our team will be happy to provide further assistance, which includes offering advice in order to find the correct solution that fits your lifestyle, needs and budget.

Contact your local John High store to book your no obligation hearing test today.