‘Is it safe to wear contact lenses?’ Since the outbreak of coronavirus, this has certainly been one of the recurring questions from our patients. We are therefore trying to throw some light on the matter. 

Contact lenses do not represent a risk per se, if wearers practice good hygiene before wearing them and when taking them out. This has always been the first rule for every contact lens wearer, regardless of the Covid-19 situation we are currently facing. However, it’s true that coronavirus infection can happen through the eyes (as well as nose and mouth). This is why hands should be constantly disinfected and extra care should be taken when handling contact lenses.

We have compiled a list of 10 hygiene tips for every contact lens wearer below to help you stay safe and take care of your eyes.

1. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Simple and constantly repeated, but never enough when it comes to safety. When using contact lenses, wash your hands carefully and thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Best practice is to use antibacterial soap. Hand santisers with at least 60% alcohol can also work when soap and water is not an option.
2. Dry your hands with unused disposable towels, so you can throw them away and avoid germs and bacteria to sit in your towels for days.
3. Use daily disposable contact lenses. They reduce the risk of transmission and offer a more hygienic solution. If you need advice on choosing disposable contact lenses, please contact us on 07751288527 and we’ll call you back within 24 hours. 
4. Disinfect your contact lenses. If you stick to monthly or two-week lenses, always disinfect them according to the instructions given by your optometrist or optician. If you are in doubt how to properly disinfect your lenses, feel free to reach out.
5. Use the best solutions available on the market to disinfect your lenses. Allow the lenses to soak and restore for a minimum of 4-6 hours depending on your solution type. 
6. Limit contact with the eye by checking that the lens is the correct way round before applying. If the edges point out slightly or appear sharp, it is an indicator the lens is inside out. 
7. If you use eye drops, ensure that the tip of your bottle does not touch your eye when applying. Avoiding all possible contact with your eyes is extremely important to prevent infection.
8. Don’t use contact lenses for longer than indicated. Your eyes can get easily irritated when your lenses are old, with the consequence of you rubbing your eyes off and touching them more frequently without realising. Since conjunctivitis is a potential coronavirus symptom, it’s better not to risk and use a new pair of lenses every 2 weeks, or every month. 
9. Don’t share you contact lens case with others. It might transmit the virus even if you don’t have any symptoms. 
10. Disinfect your contact lens case with solution after taking your lenses out. Do not use disinfectants as they can be irritating for your eyes.

The tips above should help you wearing contact lenses comfortably even in the time of coronavirus.    

Please be reminded that we are currently offering a contact lens to your door delivery service, as well as essential eye-care for lost/broken glasses and contact lens issues. For more information please call 07751288527 and we will call you back within 24 hours.