We're as committed to our social and environmental responsibilities as we are to you

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As a moder business, we know the impact we can have on the environment and society around us. Everything we do has an effect and for this reason we have put a series of policies in place to enable us to understand, monitor and manage our impact.

A Green Effect policy helps us to lessen our waste and work towards improving the environment, as we also uphold strict ethical, professional, and legal standards in every aspect of the business. We take care in complying with the following regulations:
• Environment Protection Act
• Controlled Waste (Duty of Care regulation) Act
• Waste Management Regulation.

It is our aim to be an employer of choice in the areas surrounding our practices. This means that we take our responsibilities to the environment, the community and you, the patient, very seriously. We also encourage our suppliers to do the same.

At Eye Emporium we acknowledge our responsibilities in pioneering change hence. our love of partnering with leading charities across the world and getting our patients involved along the way.