Would your child benefit from contact lenses?

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Children Contacts

You want the very best for your children don’t you? Whether it’s making sure they have everything they need to get ahead at school, feeding them a healthy diet or helping them to practice their favourite sport, you’ll do all you can for them.

But if your child wears glasses, are they being held back from doing the things they love to the best of their ability?

You may not realise, but children as young as 8 can take advantage of the benefits that contact lenses bring. More than 3.7 million people in the UK already wear contacts, but only a small proportion of these are children. At Eye Emporium, we feel that children are missing out!

Glasses are fantastic and, as adults, we know that they can be a stylish accessory. However, children aren’t always so happy to look different to their peers, so adjusting to specs can be a difficult time.

Your child may also be more self-conscious when wearing their glasses, especially when their prescription has changed or they have new frames.

If your child had already adapted to wearing glasses, that’s great. But do they ever find that their specs get in the way sometimes? For example, if they regularly play sports, glasses may bounce around and hinder their performance. Likewise, for contact sports, specs may pose a danger to their eyes if they were to be broken.

Contact lenses don’t have any of these disadvantages and are safe for children to wear when they’re taking part in their favourite sport, out playing with friends, or just being children!

We all know how clumsy children can be, but with contact lenses you don’t have to worry about your child breaking or even losing their specs. You won’t be frequently replacing lost or broken glasses anymore. Also, if your child’s prescription changes, you don’t need to worry about the cost of regularly buying new specs; contact lens prescriptions can be changed each month without any extra cost to you.

Of course, contact lenses aren’t suitable for all children. Some children may not be mature enough to correctly look after their contacts. Hygiene is very important when it comes to contact lens safety; if they’re not properly cleaned they can cause serious eye infections.

But before any child is prescribed contact lenses, your optician will thoroughly assess their eyes, teach them how to use the lenses – including how to insert and remove them safely – and how to clean them properly. After a successful trial, your child can incorporate contacts into their daily life.

For more information on contact lenses for your child, or to arrange their next eye examination, contact our friendly experts at Eye Emporium by calling 0800 020 9202. 

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