We have a passion to improve for you!

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You know that great customer service is vital. However, all too often we’re left disappointed when we should be delighted with the service we’ve received somewhere.

Think back to a time that you received bad service. I bet lots of examples spring to mind easily, don’t they? The time a barista got your coffee order wrong and then looked at you like it was your fault; maybe you had a problem with an item you purchased and the customer service team didn’t get back to you when they said they would or even failed to resolve your issue; perhaps you made a big, expensive purchase and were made to feel like a nuisance.

Now think of a time when you received great customer service – with a smile. I bet that’s harder to recall isn’t it?

Well at Eye Emporium we think bad customer service is unacceptable, and we will always go that extra mile to make sure you leave us thrilled with your experience and looking forward to coming back.


To further improve our customer service skills, all of our staff members – including managers, dispensing opticians and optical advisors – have enrolled on our new training course called ‘Passion to Improve’.

We’re all brushing up on our skills and have regular training sessions to make sure that you always receive service with a smile. One module is us endeavouring to deliver on time, whether that’s a call back, or a new pair of specs, we know the importance of doing what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’re going to do it.

Another module will brush up our skills on satisfying your every visual need. So if you come to us with a problem we won’t rest until we’ve found a resolution, or we’ve answered your every question on the subject.

We will also be looking at improving your experience with us. We want to know about the little things that make a big difference to your experience with us, whether that’s proving up-to-date magazines for you to read while you’re waiting, or remembering your name when you walk in for your appointment.

If there are any areas that you feel we could brush up on, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We really appreciate your feedback.

To see the changes we’ve made in practice or to book your appointment, give our team a call now, on 0800 020 9202. We look forward to seeing you soon!