Protecting your eyes against harmful UV-rays

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UV risks have been linked to a wide range of different visionary diseases and is one of the lead causes of vision loss. Even during cloudy days the effects of UV-rays can have damaging effects. Most prominently leading to the cause of Cataracts, which in server cases known to cause blindness. This is the clouding of vision in your eyes natural lenses. The hidden danger is not primarily UV-rays from the sun alone but also rays from your tablet and computer screen.
As noted by researchers’ there are two types of UV rays:
Type A:
UV-A can harm the back of your eye where the retina is situated. Including macular degeneration which is damage progressed over time, those who are exposed more frequently through sun tanning not only in direct sunlight but using high intensity ultraviolet rays are affected. In many cases professional welders or those manufacturing circuit boards may experience vision impairment at an earlier stage due to intensity of ultraviolet light.
Type B:
UV-B rays is absorbed by the front of the eye, in the corneal region, these rays causes more damage to the eyes than UV-A rays. Many are also unaware of the potential corneal sunburn that can occur, from remaining in the sun for long periods of time without proper protection, which may cause temporary vision loss and serve pain. People who work frequently outside are usually at higher risks of pterygium this will begin to evolve from the whiter sections of the eye into the Corneal.
Benefits of transition lenses
Transition lenses are particularly beneficial on cutting out glare and sun beams when you walk outside into direct sunlight. BBGR transitions best renowned for their ability to adapt in-doors and out-doors. With fast-fading features that block 100% of UV-A and B rays. These lenses are made to measure for your prescription. Here at Eye Emporium and our John High branches we offer the best featured quality BBGR lenses which can be suitable for young children and adults.
People who are actively outdoors, shopping and driving can particularly should be maintaining their visual health. Depending on your hobbies and activities we are able to offer guidance on the level of tint best suited to your needs and enhancing your vision.
While driving the lenses are able to adjust to become tinted to your surroundings and only slightly tinted in-doors. Depending on the lighting and level of glare. With the ability to eliminate reflections, resistance to scratches, dusts and grease for lasting transparency.
At Eye Emporium we offer a range of transition lenses for both single and bi-focal prescriptions, with an amazing 2 year warranty.
Also protect your eyes by:
  • Wearing a cap outside
  • Having suitable sun glasses
  • Sun screen
  • Frequent recall eye checks
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