Top 15 Celebs In Specs

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There are many celebrities that wear specs well. From large, dominating spectacles to slim-line glasses and thick plastic frames to frameless and wire specs, there are celebs who really look great wearing them. Here are 15 celebs that look great in their eyewear and can give you some ideas as to the right shape and style of glasses that could look just as good on you.

Rocking Rectangular Rimmed Specs

Top 15 Celebs In SpecsDenise Van Outen looks chic in a pair of black-rimmed rectangular specs. These frame her face well and give an edge to her heart-shaped facial outline. In this way, contrasting the glasses’ shape with your own face shape can really help to give an interesting effect and balance your face.

Helena Christiansen looks great wearing her pair of rectangular black glasses, combining them with a long side-swept fringe which gives an extra frame to her face. The black rims contrast with her pale blue eyes for a stunning effect.

Lucy Liu is famous for her frames and usually chooses a sleek black pair of glasses, giving a smart look. This small rectangular style works well with her delicate features, while the sparkly diamante in the corner adds a touch of glamour.

Black specs are also the order of the day for Leona Lewis, who pairs the look with bright neon-pink lipstick. The black rims can also work well with other hot shades such as orange or cherry red, while the oval shape of the rims can work with any face shape.

Go Square with Tortoiseshell

Another fan of the square look is Anne Hathaway, who wore tortoiseshell rimmed spectacles to the premiere of Rio. Her dark looks look great with the colouration of this tiger’s eye shade and most people would be able to carry off the flattering look.

Halle Berry also chooses a pair of square frames, which again contrast with her rounded face shape for a stunning effect. The shiny metal glasses look great against her skin tone, while the delicate slim-line look complements the strong design of the glasses rim.

Make a Statement with Circles

Madonna sometimes wears circular frames, which draw a strong contrast with her defined cheekbones. In a bold colour this really makes a statement, while a nude shade and pale hues can also look good if you don?t wish to draw as much attention to your eyewear. The Queen of Pop can, of course, carry off any specs with her strong presence and great looks, while her style changes as often as the wind.

For rockers, Avril Lavigne has nailed the look, wearing a pair of over-sized frames along with some hair streaks and bags of attitude. Her square face shape looks good with large rounded frames, while the plain black design she favours contrasts with her neon hair colours for a cool punk look.

Wearing a similar dark style with over-sized rims, Kelly Rutherford likes black frames with a large circular shape, complementing her long face shape and drawing attention to her stunning eyes and perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Cat Eyes for Feline Fashion

Hollywood darling Elle Fanning often wears specs for the fashion statement and looks great in her cat-eye glasses. This can be a hard look to pull off, but worth a try for the fun factor. Elle wears her yellow plastic pair with jewel designs in the corners for some extra sparkle.

Jennifer Aniston GlassesJennifer Anniston looks gorgeous in square frames with a touch of cat-eye shaping at the corners. Tortoiseshell is the colour of choice for Jennifer. It looks good against her skin tone and blonde highlighted hair, while she offsets the look with gold jewellery for added glamour.

Jennifer Lopez always looks stunning and her cat-eye influenced specs have the right attitude for this world-class diva. The bright colour complements her dark skin tone, while her bold jewellery jazzes up the look.

Great-Looking Male Celebs in Specs

There are many male celebs that look gorgeous in specs, including David Beckham, who wears a pair of tortoiseshell rectangular frames. George Clooney looks good in anything, and his metal-framed rectangular frames are very striking against his dark skin tone and hair. Finally, Justin Timberlake looks chic in his oversized frames.