The sun is still around, so you need to keep protecting your eyes

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Unlike most British summers, we seem to have seen a lot of the sun this year. There was a moment when it looked as though autumn had arrived early, but no, summer came blazing back in all its glory.

While early mornings and the evenings may be a little chillier than they were in June and July, the days are still pretty warm and bright. And, if you’ve been reading our other blog posts, you’ll know what that means… sunglasses!

Yes, you need to keep protecting your eyes from those harmful UVA and UVB rays. Ultraviolet rays given off by the sun are not only damaging to your skin, but they can have serious and lasting effects on your eyes too.

At Eye Emporium, we’ve compiled our top 5 tips for protecting your eyes…

  • Keep your sunglasses handy! Yes, we keep going on about them, but sunglasses really are your best friend when it comes to keeping your eyes safe. Good sunglass lenses will filter out up to 100% of UV rays, keeping your peepers protected from sunburn and decreasing your chances of getting cataracts or macular degeneration in later life.


  • Wear a hat. Not only does a hat protect your face from sunburn (and premature ageing thanks to the sun), but it can also shield your eyes too. Sunglasses are definitely necessary, but they usually still let in light at the top. A hat with a peak will block the rays from entering your eyes over the top of your shades.


  • Remember your eyes when you play sports. Because the weather is nice, we all spend more time outside and for a lot of us that means taking part in more sports than usual. It’s important to remember that your eyes still need protecting, even when you’re running about. Normal sunglasses aren’t always practical when you’re extremely active, but you should speak to your optician about your options for eye protection. Lots of brands create sport-specific frames that fit tighter and wrap around the head, with lenses that create a better contrast on your chosen terrain.


  • Protect your eyes from foreign bodies. Sometimes in the summer we like to get to grips with our creative side by taking on those long-overdue DIY projects. That can mean sawing, hammering and chopping things up which, while therapeutic, can create a hazard to your eyes. Small pieces of wood or metal in the air can cause serious damage – even blindness – to an eye, so wear protective goggles!


  • Make sure your sunglasses offer the correct protection. Many of us view sunglasses as a fashion accessory, which they can be, but they also serve a very functional purpose. They should block 99-100% of UVA and UVB rays, and up to 75% of visible light. If you’re not sure if your sunglasses meet this criteria ask your optician who will happily check.



So there you have it, our top 5 summer eye protection tips. As long as you follow these you are free to enjoy the rest of the summer sunshine we’re lucky enough to have.

If you would like any further eye protection advice, or you need to book your next eye exam, simply call the friendly team at Eye Emporium on 0800 020 9202. We’d be delighted to help.