The simple way to protect your eyes while cycling

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If you’re a keen cyclist, you’ll know that you rely on your eyesight just as much as your arms and legs to perform. But when you’re travelling at high speeds, your sight can become compromised thanks to the wind, the sunshine, and even pesky little bugs (you’ve probably also eaten a few of these in your time!).

If you wear glasses then your eyes may have an extra element of protection, but you run the risk of dropping and breaking your specs on bumpy terrain, which could spell disaster if you rely on them. Of course, there are contact lenses to avoid this issue – and you can carry a spare pair with you in case you lose one. But then your eyes are still vulnerable to the wind, sun and flying bugs, plus, the wind can also cause your eyes to become dry, meaning it’s more likely for you to lose a lens while riding.

So what’s the answer? Specialist cycling glasses.

At Eye Emporium we have a collection of frames that are specially designed for cyclists. These are all created so that they don’t bounce around on your face when you’re riding – they are completely customised to your face for the perfect fit – they give you the field of vision that you need for cycling, and the arms are designed to fit underneath your helmet comfortably without causing a headache.

Better still, we provide a number of lens options for your cycling frames that give you clear, unobstructed vision. Some of the tints we offer can even enhance the colours around you, regardless of your chosen terrain.

For example you may like to cycle roadside, in which case we may suggest grey tinted lenses to block out brightness and reduce glare while keeping colours normal-looking. If you like to get out in the countryside, amber or brown tinted lenses may be perfect for you because they block blue light and heighten contrast, which is perfect to contract the green grass from the blue sky. If you like to cycle in the evenings, a yellow or orange lens would be recommended because they allow a sharper focus in low light conditions.

If cycling glasses and lenses are a new concept to you, simply speak to our experts at Eye Emporium and we’ll happily talk to you about your best options.

For more information on cycling glasses or to book your next eye examination, simply call our friendly team on 0800 020 9202.


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