The most important part of your new specs…

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When you are given a new prescription after an eye exam it’s likely that you’ll need or want to buy a new pair of glasses. For some people this can be exciting, because it’s the perfect excuse to try on lots of new frame styles, choose your favourites (often with the help of a friend), or even change your look a little. There are so many styles, colours, brands and materials to choose from –it can be a really fun task. For other people, the prospect can be daunting for exactly the same reasons.

Whether you look forward to choosing new specs, or the idea fills you with dread, fear not, because our experts at Eye Emporium are always on hand to help you. If you need a second opinion, advice on styles or colours, or information on the best choice for your lifestyle, we’re here.

However, one element you may not have considered is the lenses that you put in your new frames.

The lenses you choose are undoubtedly the most important element of your new glasses; after all, they’re the part that corrects your vision. But unlike frames, the brands and types are probably not as well-known to you.

Depending on your lifestyle – your job, hobbies and interests – your optician may recommend one of hundreds of lens options to you, taking into account coatings, tints and clarity. At Eye Emporium, one brand that we love is Zeiss.


You may have heard of Zeiss before; the high standard of lens is popular around the world and they also produce camera lenses. We love them because as well as offering a huge array of lens options – they offer progressive or transition lenses, multifocal lenses and single vision lenses, as well as numerous coatings and tints that can sharpen vision, adapt to different environments and improve colour contrasts – they also come in high-definition, meaning that you’re guaranteed the best possible quality of vision.

Occasionally with other lens brands, you may have 20/20 vision, but still not feel that you’re seeing as clearly as you should be. That’s because these lenses only take your prescription details to create the correct lens. Zeiss’ high definition lenses require multiple other measurements too, so that they are optimised much more precisely.

Each lens created by Zeiss is highly personalised, so even though you may have the same prescription as someone else, they couldn’t see as clearly with your lenses because of all the other individual measurements that have been taken into account. For example, when you order Zeiss lenses we also measure the angle of your eye and lens when your eye moves, and the position of your eye when wearing a particular frame.


It’s easy to find out how Zeiss lenses could benefit you; just speak to one of our experts at Eye Emporium. To book your next eye examination or to discuss frame or lens options simply pop into one of our branches or give our friendly team a call on 0800 020 9202.