The Best Selling Brands Of 2015

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Best Selling Brands In 2015
In 2015, we saw a wide range of fashion trends that impacted the optical world such as, the revival of retro round frames, the cat eye sunglasses and the ombré design. It has been the year of bold, unique and chic frames that have dominated the cat walks, our magazine covers, and the cinema screens. Even our favourite celebrities have jumped on the glasses bandwagon and tried their hand at modelling top designer frames. Who can forget Calvin Harris’s eye wear shoot for Emporio Armani? We want to commemorate this remarkable year by telling you the top selling glasses brands across all of the Eye Emporium and John High branches. If you see a pair of frames that you love, then make sure to come in store and try them on!


1. Ray Bans

Take a trip with us down memory lane, when the sun was shining and we could not get enough of the suns piercing and warm rays, the months where we did not have to consider wearing our thermals to work. When you took a stroll down the road in those glorious months, it was almost guaranteed that you will see someone wearing a pair of Ray Ban glasses. The brand has always surrounded us, particularly this year. Their popularity boomed with their wide range of fashionable specs, from the retro round frame to the classic aviator glasses. No matter your style, we are sure that you will find a Ray Ban frame that you will adore.
Ray Ban
The Lite Force Ray Ban frames are the top selling glasses across all of our thirteen branches. We find that our customers love the matte finish of this frame, and they adore the temple end grip. The skull grip is typically used in sports glasses, however Ray Ban have adapted this feature for the everyday glasses wearer ensuring that your glasses do not fall off. The black frame presents a sense of professionalism, whilst the vivid red makes sure that your personality is not constrained to the office. If you are struggling to find a designer frame that suits you, then why not pick our biggest seller from 2015. One thing is guaranteed with the Ray Ban brand, they will always be in fashion.


2. Ted Baker

Chic, effortless, and exquisite, are the words that come to mind whilst describing the renowned Ted Baker brand. The brand offers you a piece of luxury and lasting style that you deserve. Their glasses are made to suit any man or woman, with an array of frame designs there will be a Ted Baker frame that will suit you.
Ted Baker
It is rare to find a frame that will suit your place of work, and that will make you stand out of office hours. Well, these Ted Baker Folk Box frames achieves just this. The combination of the sleek and ravishing royal blue and black design is perfect for the men that want to always be stylish and remain professional. The classic square frame has been favoured in the optical world for many years. These specs are ideal for all men and we can guarantee that you will never be bored of these frames.


3. Versace

Versace glasses all exude the rich and tasteful Milanese culture. The Italian heritage of the brand is always highlighted in the design of the frames, which demonstrate the theatrical, fashionable, and graceful history of the company. Versace glasses look impeccable on all women, as the sophisticated design of the frame is made to make sure that women not only look, but feel their best. Versace glasses ooze a sense of femininity and allure fit for Royalty, that many other brands neglect, thus making Versace frames remarkable for those who want graceful frames, which cause envy.
The butterfly frames have been unbelievably popular this year. The frames look chic on many women, particularly those with a heart shape face. These Versace glasses blends beautiful and elegant colours, such as the emerald green and radiant gold. These glasses portray a sense of Hollywood glamour that is somewhat lost in today’s generation. The powerful contrast between sophistication and rebellion is shown through the design of the frame. The studs on the temple of the glasses, is inspired by Versace’s fashion collection. The studs hints a sense of rebellion, and it gives these beautiful glasses a sense of edge. These glasses are distinctive and divine, so you can see why it was so popular with our customers.


4. Boss Orange

The grand Boss Orange glasses are exquisite for men, who are in search for glasses that will look flawless and accomplished. The design of their frames ensures that the wearer’s personality and fashion sense is always portrayed. With contemporary and on-trend designs, the Boss Orange range is cool, cosmopolitan, and sophisticated. It is clear to see why this brand is loved by many of our male customers.
Boss Orange
These metal frames are simple and modern, giving the contemporary man, glasses suitable for the conference room and the high street. The design of the frame demonstrates masculinity with a hint of art, which is showcased in the brush stroke design and the mixture of greens. These frames show the craftsmanship that this brand is renowned for, with scratch resistant materials aiming to repel the daily wear and tears. These lightweight specs frames are constructed to make you forget that you are even wearing glasses, ensuring that your frames do not cause you any hassle. It goes without saying that these frames will make any man look his best.


5. Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani exudes affluence, it has become a symbol of success and luxury making it beloved by the wealthy and famous. From their fashion label to their glasses, Emporio Armani is a brand that every product truly speaks for itself. Their designs are individual, making sure that their customers always look chic. It is easy to see how the Emporio Armani glasses has made it to the top 5 bestselling brands.
Emporio Armani
These Emporio Armani glasses have a hint of a cat eye design, making these frames timeless and feminine with a touch of vintage style. These exquisite glasses are subtle and sophisticated, with an effortless black frame and the Emporio Armani logo placed on the side. The design ensures that everyone can always see that you are sporting the lavish Emporio Armani brand. You do not have to worry about blending in with the crowd, as when you are wearing these frames you will always be remembered for your impeccable taste. These frames will look great for any occasion, as the simple colour palette will suit any clothing. If you are looking for frames that will never go out of fashion, then Emporio Armani glasses are for you.


There you have it. Our top five bestselling brands across all of our branches. With designer glasses you get incredible craftsmanship, fashionable styles and timeless frames that we are sure that you will love for many years to come. We cannot wait to see if these frames will still be our top sellers in 2016, or whether you will adore other designs and brands of frames.
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Happy New Year from everyone at Eye Emporium and John High Opticians!