The 10 Most Common Eye Problems

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Eye Conditions

Your eyes are one of your most important organs and keeping them healthy and issue-free is vitally important to your quality of life. Eyes are also incredibly sensitive and there are many common problems that can be easily treated to ensure that comfort and good eye sight is retained.

1. Problems with vision
Problems with vision are the biggest and broadest category of eye problems and they can be as simple as being short or far sighted, or as complex as glaucoma, presbyopia or even a brain tumour. If the vision problem is caused by poor eyesight, glasses are the easiest way to rectify these issues, otherwise laser surgery can be undertaken to correct sight on a more permanent basis. Vision problems caused by tumours or other health issues would need to be addressed separately and treatments may include surgery or radiation.

2. Cataracts
Cataracts are especially common in older people and can occur in one or both eyes. Blurred or cloudy vision and even blindness are characteristic of this eye problem and surgery is the only treatment method that removes cataracts successfully.

3. Twitching of the eye
Twitching of the eye is exceptionally common and is an involuntary movement that can be caused by a variety of factors. Stress, eye strain, allergies and nutritional imbalance can all trigger twitching and it will usually stop on its own over a short period of time. In extreme cases Botox is used to halt the twitching of an eye and alleviate the problem.

4. Allergies that affect the eyes
Dust, pollen and other allergens can cause eye problems and the susceptibility to these allergies is often hereditary. Eye allergies can make the eyes red, swollen, watery and itchy and can lead to a runny nose. The best form of treatment for eye allergies is to determine and avoid the source of the allergen, or to use eye drops or anti- histamines that will halt perennial and seasonal allergies from affecting your health.

5 .Dry eyes
Caused by the eyes decreased ability to make tears, dry eyes can be exceptionally uncomfortable. This problem is caused by many factors, including use of contact lenses, hormonal imbalances, certain diseases and even exposure to certain environments. Burning, itching and redness of the eyes are experienced by the sufferer and treatment is simple, with the use of artificial tears or eye drops to add moisture to the eye, or the prescription of medication by an eye specialist.

6. Styes
Styes are a small, harmless bump that forms on the eyelid. Often caused by a minor infection in the eyelids gland, a stye can heal by itself, or the use of eye drops or a medication may be required to ensure it heals correctly. Avoid popping a stye and always ensure your eye area is clean and that you observe strict hygiene practices, especially when wearing contact lenses.

7. Pink eye
Pink eye is a common childhood ailment and is highly contagious. Also referred to as conjunctivitis, pink eye is caused by an infection in the outer layer of the eye and the infection is exceptionally easy to transfer. The ailment is treated with eye drops or medication prescribed by a doctor and its best that pink eye suffers semi-quarantine themselves as the transfer of the infection is so fast.

8. Floaters
Floaters are caused by the breaking apart of vitreous in the eyeball and sufferer’s vision is usually reduced and small black spots are clearly visible in the eye. Vision can be drastically affected by floaters and no eye drops are able to remove them, surgery known as vitrectomy is performed to eliminate them and a sufferer’s vision should return to normal after the procedure.

9. Sensitivity to light
Light sensitivity is one of the lesser experienced eye problems and it usually relates to migraines or other viruses. Intolerance to light can be debilitating and in the case of migraine suffers it is only experienced briefly. For those who suffer the problem severely it is known as photo-phobia and neurological treatment may be required in extreme cases.

10. Blepharitis
This condition causes the inflammation of the eyelids and can cause the skin around the eyes to flake, red and burning eyes and vision problems. Bacteria, dry eye, mites and eczema can cause this condition and the best cure for this problem is to keep the eyelids clean using a soft, damp cloth. Eye drops may be required in more severe cases and should be prescribed by a specialist.