Statistically you only have seven seconds to make an impression on someone new. Make your seconds count!

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Top brands of designer glasses at Eye Emporium & John High opticians.
When it comes to your appearance, you want to make sure you’re looking your best at all times. As they say, you never know when you’ll bump into an old friend, a new potential employer, or a TV crew filming round the corner!
Did you know that when you meet someone new, 55% of their initial opinion of you relates directly to your appearance? When you combine that with the fact that people often look at faces first, you can see how your glasses can contribute significantly to your overall presentation.
For that reason, it’s important to select glasses that not only suit your features and reflect your personal style, but also make the right statement in terms of fashion and design. Designer frames are often the top choice when it comes to stylish and fashionable accessories, with popular brands like Michael Kors, Ted Baker, Guess and many more now well known for their eyewear ranges as well as their clothes and accessories.
Designer brands are often created to a higher specification than unbranded frames, and typically with better quality materials too. Many of the top brands also include a manufacturer’s guarantee, so you know that if any part of your eyewear was broken or worn out, it would be replaced for you free of charge. After all, the worldwide reputation of some of these brands has been earned for good reason.
A common preconception is that designer products – clothes, bags, shoes, glasses or otherwise – always come with an unaffordable designer price tag. In many cases designer eyewear may well be priced higher than some of the high street designs, for example, but the extra quality and peace of mind you’re paying for is well worth the money.
However, we appreciate that this extra money is something that you might not always have spare, no matter how much you’re dying to have those leopard print frames! For that reason, here at Eye Emporium we have a selected range of designer frames for under £99, including:


This price not only includes the frame itself, but also single vision uncoated lenses too. As always, if you wanted to upgrade the lenses or lens coatings, you are more than welcome to do so for an additional fee.
So what are you waiting for? Designer eyewear – without the associated price tag – can be yours today!
For more information, or to book an eye appointment, simply give us a call on 0800 020 9209.