Seasonal Favorites

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If you’re feeling the blues of the seasonal’s most prominent week this time of year, don’t worry! We have accumulated the top five looks from Paris Fashion Week (F/W17) and combined it with the frames we have to offer here at our Eye’ Emporium stores. So all you have to do is simply pick which one you fancy.

1. The Mirror: Use your lenses to create the ultimate sunglasses suited for you. Why not choose your own colour from the Essilor sun-wear lenses palette in our Swiss Cottage branch to select your preferred shade. Available in Gold Pink,Fuchsia, Orange, Blue/Purple, Lilac, Violet, all the way to Turquoise, Ocean Blue with even a trusty Silver if you want a more toned down look. The lenses are Crizal Sun UV coated contributing to protection as well as being anti reflective and anti glare giving you more comfort thanks to reduced glare. Considering this trend is not going anyway time soon, the fact that your choices in lenses is safe guarded hitting both the style and eye-wear necessities element means its worth the investment.


2. The Round: The never ending circular frames seem to always make a return and evolve every time we think we’ve seen the last of them. Truth is, they’ve always been and will be a classic pair. The circular glasses come in different styles too with ratios of sizes, depth and framing. Depending on which size suits your face or even if you decide to go to for an over sized pair for a chic look. Our glasses available by Gianfranco Ferre Lunettes (03BE) are perfect with gold frames and round lenses.

3. The Thinned Cat Eye: An updated approach on something that fits every woman and now caters to men with it’s sleek framing. The cat-eye which typically is a intense and statement piece has been spotted in the recent showcases to be more wearable for everyday. The frames are a thinner version of what seems to emulate the classic RayBan ‘ Wafer shape that we have all come to know off minus the thick frame and a accentuated top. We stock multiple brands with this style including RayBan themselves as well as our Cazal frames in (001 Black – TI) that even have a cross over bar on the tops of the frame making the pair of glasses fashion forward meaning they can be worn with the both intent. They are stylish yet understated for those of you that would find it comfortable wear a pair that is more toned down.

4. The Bar: A reoccurring detail on the accessories seems to be everywhere right now, seen on both sunglasses and eye-wear spectacles. Again this is a versatile look based on the actual styling of the frames you are looking to buy. This can easily be seen on a normal pair of glasses with just the smallest detail of it on top or you can go full on geek with them. Dad from the 80’s style seems to be proven popular and with this particular piece you can achive those vibes. They seem to be selling on high demand without prescription too purely just for fashion. So if you’re one of those people that doesn’t need glasses or in fact does but wants to up-date their look to make it all about the fashion then this ones for you.

5. The Colour: On the runway at Miu Miu, the colour of sunglasses we saw was yellow, which is the new key shade when it comes to this and next seasons fashion for glasses. It can be tinted for eye wear, safest option would be sunglasses. Especially considering that the higher the LTF(Light Transmission Factor) on the lenses the better UV protection and safer to drive in they are. This muted yellow goes well with an array of other colours since its not as not overwhelmingly bright. Would be ideal for someone who wears monochromatic, or grey’s and your average stripes then adding this piece as a transition would be much simpler. We do offer prescription lenses in colour if you want to completely embody the trend or if you would just rather prefer to have them that way.

All of our branches carry up-to-date stock, which you can enquirer by calling us or browse by popping into your local branch for an eye test. You can book an appointment by calling us on 0800 020 9202 or it can be done online at your ease.