Remedies for Dry eyes from Contact lenses

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Are you experiencing watery eyes from an evening of wearing contact lenses during your Halloween celebrations or from a daily usage, well you may have been hit with dry eyes syndrome. This is a common problem amongst both non and frequent wearers especially if you neglect to remove the lenses over a long period of time. As contact lenses stop the natural evaporation of tears which in worsts cases result in eye infections, if not itchy red eyes. Making sure the lenses remain in the solution until usage is essential to prevent dirt or bacteria from entering the eyes.
There is also a major difference between chronic and temporary dry eyes which can be solved by artificial tear eye drops and home remedies. While those with chronic dry eyes, other forms of treatment may be needed, It is suggested either a change of contacts or stop use altogether may be needed.
Symptoms of dry eyes:
  • Sensitivity
  • Eye stinging
  • Redness of the eyes
  • Discomfort
  • Unusual eye secretions
Prevention methods:
  • Eye Drops
  • Nutrition supplements and healthy eating
  • Eye wash
Many patients are also particular sensitive to eye solutions and preservatives, it is essential that you have a trial period and cl aftercare to ensure you find the right pairing for you. At Emporium, we ensure all our patients receive ultimate service and quality lenses best suited to their needs, this means FREE contact lenses after care, allowing you the opportunity to test out various trial lenses till you find the right one for you. Another particular concern is poor fitting of lenses amongst those who have purchased lenses over the counter or online. Many misuse contacts as a result of poor instructions, fit or underlying conditions that should be of concern before purchase was made. Without professional guidance this can cause potential harm to the eyes. Understanding your requirements are a priority here at Eye Emporium, with the vast types of cl offered in the market:
Daily Disposables:
  • Are best suited for patients who only wear cl on the occasion
  • Allergy sufferers – less allergens build up on the surface for short frequency use
  • Those who prefer routine and are to busy for a proper cleaning regime
  • Who regularly partakes in Sports
Monthly disposables – will require cleaning over night in solution
  • For frequent wearers
  • Can be worn for up to a month before disposable
Soft lenses are also a preferred choice, which can be beneficial for patients with conditions such as, Astigatism due to the curvature of the eye causing blurry vision. If you are requesting cl for a young child this can be prescribed from the ages of 8+.
At Eye Emporium we carry a range of cl brands including, Acuvue, Ciba Vision, Alcon, Johnson & Johnson and Bausch and Lomb. We offer in-depth testing with our specialist Optometrists, where we guide you through trial lenses, till you find your preferred choice, before we progress you to a 6 month supply. In which, will follow up with cl aftercare to ensure you are 100% satisfied.
Those who are subjected to environmental allergies and a history of eye blink-contactsproblems should be vigilant with hygiene when removing and placing contacts. Daily disposables are usually the preferred choice, which can be more of a sanitary option if you do not like the routine of cleaning your lenses. Eye drops should also be used as its intended and not when contact lenses are in the eye and making sure you wait at least 15-20 minutes before inserting your lenses.
Various products can help you with dry eyes, at Eye Emporium we are able to offer you professional optometrists with advice and referrals to the GP. At our branches we also have a wide range of eye drops specifically for those who have contact lenses, which helps lubricates the eyes natural tears. Blink contacts specifically also ensures the ingredients used is that which naturally occurs in the eyes to promote healthy vision.


Other eye drops which has the ability to offer lasting relief from dry eyes by releasing and retaining moisture for a more natural treatment includes the Hyabak solution. With no preservatives, this can be used with contact lenses. By mimicking tears this helps improve vision and action of the eyes. Continued use at regular intervals is beneficial.
If you believe to be suffering any potential eye problems or desire to try contact lenses book an appointment at Eye Emporium by calling 080 020 9202 or simply book online here at your nearest branch.