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rayban banner
Proibire al sole! To ban the sun!

Ray Ban is an Italian brand of sunglasses and eyeglasses created in 1937 by the American company Bausch & Lomb. The brand is known for their Wayfarer and Aviator lines of sunglasses. In 1999, Bausch & Lomb sold the brand to the Italian eyewear conglomerate, Luxottica Group, for $640 million. Their green lenses filtered ultraviolet and infrared rays, giving the brand the name Ray Ban.

Ray Ban Aviator began purely as utilitarian gear, The first guy to popularize the Aviator was not a celebrity, but rather General Douglas MacArthur of the U.S. Air Corps who along with fellow WWII pilots were tired of getting splitting headaches caused by the sun.

Ray Ban is an iconic fashion brand, so it’s no wonder actors and musicians have been seen wearing Ray Ban such as Chace Crawford, Beyonce, Kevin Jonas, Ashley Tisdale, Johnny Depp, Emma Watson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Marilyn Monroe  both on and off screen. Notice celebrity actor, Tom Cruise rocking his wayfarers in the 1983 film Risky Business, after which the company sold 360,000 pairs. Aviators also gained back their popularity in Cruise’s 1986 film Top Gun.

Spotting fakes is easy, all authentic ray-bans sunglasses have the trade mark RB etched on the left lens just below the hinge.