Polarised Lenses

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We explain to you what polarised lenses actually are, how they work and why they would benefit you the most.

What is polarised light?

When light is reflected off a smooth surface – like a wet road, for example – it goes from vibrating in all directions to vibrating only horizontally and vertically. This is called polarisation, and can create an unpleasant dazzling effect, otherwise known as glare.

polarised and unpolarised light

How do polarised spectacle lenses work?

A polarised lens has a filter which allows only vertical light through, while the horizontal light – which is what creates the glare – is filtered out. This means that the wearer’s eyes only receive useful information and no optical noise.


Who benefits most from polarised sunglasses?

Polarised sunglasses are very useful for:

* People who sail or fish regularly, as the lens allows them to see below the water’s surface.

* They’re also good for people who are just on the beach on holiday, as they won’t get a lot of glare off the sea!

* Drivers will also benefit from polarised lenses, particularly when it is wet but sunny as the lenses will help to eliminate the glare from a wet road!

* Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors, as they will help to prevent reflected glare, as well as protecting from harmful UV light.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t wear polarised sunglasses?

There are a few groups of people who it’s not advised for:

* Pilots shouldn’t wear polarised lenses as they can alter cloud appearance, reduce useful ground reflections and sometimes cause distortion patterns on the plane cockpit’s windshield.

* Some fishing competitions ban polarised sunglasses, so always advise your patients to check before buying if they compete!


Can we get photochromic polarised lenses?

Yes, Transitions Drivewear lenses are photochromic polarised lenses. These are polarised at all times and in all conditions, but because they do not go completely clear they are not suitable for driving at night (unlike Signature or XTRActive).


What are some of the polarised lenses we do?

These include:

* Xperio by BBGR/Essilor

* Polaroid

* Zeiss Polarised


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