One is never enough…

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It would be great to have a second copy of lots of things in life, wouldn’t it? A second white shirt in your bag for when you spill coffee on the first one, a spare pen in case the first one runs out in the middle of a meeting, or a second car immediately at your disposal in case of an unfortunate breakdown.
In the case of your glasses, a second pair isn’t always just convenient, but in some European countries it’s actually a legal requirement. The law here in the UK states that if you are a driver, you must be able to read a number plate at a distance of 20.5 metres. If you need glasses in order to do this, it goes without saying that you should always wear them when you’re in the car.
However, in France and Spain, you must also have a spare pair of glasses in the car with you at all times in case your original pair breaks.
Here at Eye Emporium, we know that the convenience of having more than one pair of glasses available to you can’t be underestimated. That’s why, until 30th November 2015, you’re entitled to 50% off a second pair of prescription glasses when you buy a complete first pair (frames+lenses).
It’s entirely up to you what you use your second pair for. Perhaps you’d like to keep them in the office just for when you’re at work, leave them in the car for driving, or simply have them in your bag in case you ever need them unexpectedly.
You could even take the opportunity to purchase some prescription sunglasses instead, so that whether you’re indoors or out in the sun, you’re always experiencing the best possible vision.
You can’t predict when your glasses might break, or when you’ll leave them somewhere by accident, so save yourself any potential stress in the future by ensuring you have a spare pair of specs should you ever need them!
For more information about our ‘second pair’ promotion, or to speak to a member of our team about booking your next eye appointment, simply give us a call on 0800 020 9209.