Newham Business Awards

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We were shortlisted for the Newham Business Award in the Best Customer Service Large & Medium Business Category. Watch below to see how it went:

Being nominated for this award made us realize the core of our customer journey and that we value our customers experience highly. For us not only do we feel that it is important to deliver you with quality products to suit your want and needs. Yet also give you that extra care in which you are trusting us to handle any queries with. This being said, we are constantly looking to evolve ourselves in a way that’s personable and tailored to cater to you. Whilst still maintaining our ethos of of our promise.

Shortlisted in the top 3, we were up against the likes of Holiday Inn (who congrats to them, won the award.) This category recognises the business that pays attention to the needs of customers and strive for excellence in customer satisfaction and service.

The elements for this criteria included:

  • Demonstrates a clear example of excellent customer service,
  • Has identified its customer needs,
  • Engages, trains and manages staff to meet customer expectations at all times,
  • Has ongoing strategies to identify initiatives that benefit customers, suppliers and staff,
  • Demonstrates commitment to customer service.

We are currently nominated for The Thames Gawteway Business Awards for Best Medium Business, so fingers crossed we take home the prize.