Myth Busters: Contact Lenses

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Ever wanted to try Contact Lenses for yourself? But not sure if you should because of many taboos and horror stories you have heard or read about? We’re here to answer those often pondering worries that a potential new Contact Lens wearer may have.

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01 – Hard To Use: The perception that Contact Lens are difficult to use is a common one to think of, quite often we assume that having to insert anything into our eye must be hard to do. That is not the case, our professionals will help support you with using your lenses till you are confident. We will guide you step-by-step on the incision and will not let you leave with your lenses if you are not fully content in doing the process by yourself.

02 – Wont be Comfy: As professionals we recommend regular check-ups to ensure that you are always up-to-date and using your lenses at it’s best. New materials make a big difference in comfort for lenses and we would offer you the relevant lenses that are quality products.

03 – Safety: When it comes to the care of Contact Lenses, maintenance is key and therefore will result in how safe your lenses are to wear after use. With proper cleaning and adhering to proper wearing times your lenses should remain safe to use. We don’t recommend extensive wear unless it has been advised or it can all depend on the type of contact lenses you have with us.

04 – Not For You: Ever felt that your prescription is too complex to have lenses for? We offer many range of powers when it comes to prescription contact lenses and cater to most types of correction. Although some corrections may not be correct by contact lens wear (such as prism.) However your Optom will advised you on whether they would recommend you to wear contact lenses.


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