Making Glasses Your Top Fashion Accessory

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George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Eva Longoria, Victoria Beckham and a host of other celebs all have something in common; they have turned glasses into a fashion accessory and made them super sexy and stylish. Glasses have become such a big hit with fashionistas that there are even clear glass options available for those who don’t actually need a prescription, but want to be on trend.

There are an abundance of different glasses styles on offer today and even top designers such as Prada, Gucci, Tom Ford and Miu Miu have created stunning, stylish eye wear for every occasion. Designers have found that they can express themselves with glasses and can match their apparel ranges to trendy eyewear. Many people no longer view having to wear glasses as a burden, they now see them as the hottest accessory, and even those who embraced contact lenses have switched back to fashionable eye wear.

Choose glasses to suit your look

Choosing glasses to suit your personality is becoming increasingly popular and if you are a fun and funky dresser then choosing glasses to match your look is easy. Opt for brightly coloured frames in a unique design and make a statement wherever you go. If you prefer a more classic, stylish look, opt for the black square ‘nerd’ frames that are so hot right now. Alternatively, go for the cat eye glasses that are a contemporary take on the 1960’s style that was made popular by Bridgette Bardot and were considered the first feminine glasses designed especially for woman. Glasses now serve so much purpose than just being practical, they are a fashion accessory that can speak volumes about your style and add an alluring and intellectual angle to any outfit.

Embrace geek chic

For both men and women ‘geek chic’ is a massive trend and glasses are a huge part of this. The trend has become so big that the demand for clear glasses has spiked and there is a massive selection of glasses available for those who don’t even need them. Fashionistas have realised the pulling power that glasses have, and the days of glasses being considered uncool are long gone. Big and bold glasses are in and can set a person apart from the crowd, and attract attention by highlighting their features and positive attributes.

Highlight your positive features
By choosing a pair of glasses that suits your face you can also ensure that attention is drawn to your high cheekbones or you can play against your facial contours by matching angles with curvaceous or rounder frames to create a contrast. Bold glasses can draw attention away from the aspects of your face you feel are not your best and divert attention to your good features with ease.

Frame colour can also play an import part in aesthetics and can act in a similar manner to make up, giving pallid faces a pick me up when they need it most. Many fashion conscious glasses wearers have noticed this, and use it to their advantage, ensuring that their eye colour is also complemented and that they enhance their looks simply by popping on a pair of specs. For those with an overly long or a round face the right pair of glasses can counteract this, and create a more balanced perspective, adding to the wearer’s confidence and making them feel even more attractive.

A fashionistas best friend
It’s not surprising that glasses have become a hot fashion accessory as they can create a unique look and frame your face in an appealing and attractive way. They also add personality to every outfit and let the wearers own sense of style come in to play. Celebs have embraced the geek trend and everyone from Justin Timberlake to Jay Z and Jennifer Aniston to Kim Kardashian has donned a pair to look sexy and super stylish.

Glasses are retro-chic and they have become cool over the last few years thanks to the endorsement of many celebrities for both big brand advertisements and in their personal life. No longer do those who are forced to wear prescription glasses have to dread them, they are actually one step ahead of those who have gone out to buy the clear glass versions so they can stay in style!