Make-up can cause damage to your eyes, follow these tips to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful

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Eye Make up

We all want to look our best when we’re out and about and we each have a number of ways that we bring individuality to our personal style. Some of us change our wardrobe to suit our mood, others accessorise with colourful jewellery or specs, and some ladies express themselves with a bold hairstyle.

What many women have in common is that they often also wear eye make-up. Whether it’s every day, on special occasions, or for evenings out, usually, women have a go-to make-up style.

But while it can really enhance your look, did you know that it can also cause damage to your eyes if used incorrectly?

You may think it’s only contact lens wearers who have to consider the types of make-up they use on their eyes, however, there are some things that anyone who wears make-up should think about to keep their eyes feeling healthy and looking their best.

At Eye Emporium, we sometimes see ladies who have eye infections, and in most cases, they are unaware that their make-up may be the cause of the problem.

We’ve put our heads together and come up with our top 5 tips to keep your eyes sparkling…

Don’t keep your eye make-up longer than 3 months

Yes, we all have our favourite mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow, but instead of hanging on to those products you just can’t live without, make it a habit to regularly replace them instead.

Cosmetics with a creamy side your lash line, so that you avoid blocking the oil glands in your upper and lower lid.

Don’t apply make-up in a moving vehicle

Ok, so we’re all guilty of doing this from time to time. If you’re running late from work it saves time to throw your make-up in your bag and apply it on the train, but apart from being annoying for your fellow passengers, you’re also risking damage to your eyes. One slight bump could result in a pencil or mascara wand in your eye, potentially scratching the eyeball.

The same goes for applying make-up in a moving car… and don’t even consider applying your make-up while you’re driving!

Never share make-up

It can be tempting to borrow a friend’s new eyeliner or her latest mascara, but before you get too excited, stop and think. Remember that bacteria we mentioned earlier? Well, that will also be building up in your friend’s products, leaving your eyes open to infection.

This also applies to tester make-up in shops and pharmacies. In fact, even more so in these cases since you don’t know how many people have had their fingers in the testers. If you must test these, don’t put them on your face, just your hand.

Don’t try all your new products at ones

This tip is especially important if you have allergies or if you’ve ever had a reaction to any make-up.

If you buy a few new products for your make-up bag, introduce each product one at a time. It can be exciting to test all your products at once, but if you are allergic to any, using one at a time will help you to identify which one is the problem.

If you do suffer a reaction from any product, speak to your doctor or optician who will be able to treat the problem and ensure it doesn’t cause any further damage.

For more information on protecting your eyes from damage or infection, or to arrange your next eye examination, contact our friendly experts at Eye Emporium by calling 0800 020 9202.

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