Make sure you look stylish with these timeless glasses

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All of these glasses are now available at Eye Emporium Stratford.
Are you looking for a new pair of glasses, but you can’t think of a brand that best suits you? We hear your calls! Our superb and insightful Stratford branch manager, Amit Nischal, has given his top three picks of designer glasses for this month.
At Eye Emporium we have a wide range of designer frames and lenses, which offer you the chance to ooze style and charm whilst giving you the luxury that you deserve. From Versace to Oakley, we have a design of frame and brand that will best suit you. With the countdown to Christmas commencing, we know that these glasses will now be on your wish list, or why not get a loved one an unconventional gift!


Ray Ban Clubmaster in Optical
Timeless, chic and iconic are the words that instantly come to mind whilst describing the Ray Ban brand. They have been at the centre of popular culture since the 20th century and worn by Hollywood’s biggest stars such as, Tom Cruise, Bradley Cooper and Jessica Alba to name a few. Not only do Ray Ban glasses ooze style, they also have a wide range of excellent optical qualities such as the 100% UV protection, the lenses increases colour and mirror coatings.
Now available at Eye Emporium Stratford
Why have you picked the Ray Ban clubmaster (in optical) as one of your top picks?
“It is the classic Ray Ban design which is made in an optical frame. The Ray Ban clubmaster has bought back old and classic style that exudes class, style and retro chic.”
Are the Clubmaster glasses popular with our customers?
“They are very popular, as Ray Ban glasses are one of the biggest selling frames worldwide. I think our customers will like these glasses, as they offer the classic style of the sunglasses which has now been bought into the optical world. The three metal frames (the aviators, wayfarer and the clubmasters) are the most popular at the moment”
Why do you think they are popular with our customers?
“They are timeless, authentic, iconic, classic and cool with a quality function. The classic Ray Ban design was very popular in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and now they are an iconic image for today’s youth.”
What do you think the company offers?
“There are so many Ray Ban models, so there is something for everybody.”


Cazal Sunglasses
To many Hip Hop and R’n’B fans, Cazal is a brand that epitomises indulgence, fame and success. Their extravagant frames are renowned in the musical world with legendary stars such as Run-DMC, Jay Z and Pharrell William who all sport Cazal glasses. This iconic brand is made with the highest quality materials and it shows true craftsmanship at its finest. Their slogan “a legend never dies” cannot be more accurate, as the brand still continues to one of a kind glasses that we still admire, desire and cherish.
Now available at Eye Emporium Stratford.
Why have you picked the Cazal sunglasses as one of your top picks?
“These sunglasses are light weight, handmade, the details are very intricate, beautiful and fully customised. It will appeal to those who have an extravert personality as these sunglasses will definitely make a statement. I have never seen a frame like this before due to the amazing craftsmanship.”
Are these Cazal sunglasses popular with our customers?
“Cazal only makes glasses so they are not extremely well known, but for those who do know the Cazal brand and the reputation that this company has, then they will know that they are the best made products.”
Why do you think they are popular with our customers?
“It depends, as each range has a particular age group that they appeal to the most, for example, the classic Cazal design called the legends is most popular with 30-60 year old men. Whereas, the Cazal titanium are more for the younger generation. I think these sunglasses would particularly suit those with a larger facial size.”
What do you think the company offers?
“Cazal offers unparalleled frames through many different colours, styles and precious stones that really make a statement. All of the glasses are brilliantly customised and they are the best made frames in the world.”


The Oakley Madman
Born in the USA, the distinguished Oakley brand is celebrated for its futuristic technology. They create glasses that are ground breaking in the optical world, a prime example of this is the THUMP glasses, these are the first glasses with a built in radio. Oakley has stated that the battery life for the THUMP glasses is six hours, which is a phenomenon in itself. Oakley searches for solutions to issues in the optical world, so as to transform these solutions into art and technology that you can wear.
Now available at Eye Emporium Stratford.
Why have you picked the Oakley madman as one of your top picks?
“In my opinion, they are the best technically made glasses in the world. They provide unique features that no other lenses companies make such as, the hallow point hinge. They make specific coatings for sporting glasses such as, prizm and iridium which has made them well known in the sportswear industry. I believe that Oakley stands for uncompromised optical clarity that is known all round the world.”
Are the Oakley Madman glasses popular with our customers?
“Oakley glasses are more for a niche market, so it depends. If you appreciate Oakleys technological features more than their sometimes questionable appearance, then you will be a fan boy for life like me.”
Why do you think they are popular?
“Oakley provides people with an unparalleled technological craftsmanship, that gives the very best visual clarity for sports. They offer the very best sun protection for eyes full stop.”
 What do you think the company offers?
“If you are after true sunglasses then look no further than Oakley. However, if you are looking for fashion glasses then they are not for you.”


There you have it, the top three picks from one of Stratford’s expert Amit. We are sure that you love all of these glasses, but why narrow it down to only buying one pair? Well, we have a solution to your problem; get your second pair of glasses half price when you buy first ones (including frames and lenses). This offer ends on Monday 30th November, so what are you waiting for? Head down to your local Eye Emporium branch today, where our expert optometrists can help you find designer glasses that will look incredible on you.