Lower your handicap with the right golf lenses

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Since the weather is finally starting to brighten up it’s likely that you’ll be desperate to spend more time outdoors. And that usually means more time enjoying the hobbies you enjoy the most. For many of us that means more sport!

So at Eye Emporium, we’ve decided to create a series of articles about the best kinds of lenses for different sports.

Today we’re talking golf, so if your ideal day would be spent on the golf course, read on…

If you’re a keen golfer it’s likely you’ve spent hundreds on the best clubs, balls and sportswear in a bid to improve your game, but have you ever considered how taking the right care of your eyes could help?

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You rely on your eyes to hit a good shot. You need good depth perception as well as a clear, sharp view of the fairway. Regular eye exams will make sure your vision is on point, and a good optician will be able to advise you on the best frames to choose, should you need them. But just as important are the lenses in your new frames.

At Eye Emporium we recommend tinted lenses for golfers. Usually you’ll need sunglasses on the course, so whether you have a prescription or not you can still reap the benefits. Grey lenses are a favourite amongst our golfer patients. These are great for those who play when the day is at its brightest because they don’t alter the colour of the things around you.

Brown is another great choice because it gives a great contrast between colours, making your white ball pop out from the green of the fairway. These are great for cloudier, more overcast days (which aren’t uncommon here, are they?!) because they block out the blue light in the atmosphere.

Violet tints, like brown, give you a good contrast of colour, but they also allow the eyes to relax more, soothing them while protecting them from UV and blue light.

Perhaps you don’t want to have a separate pair of optical glasses and sunglasses? In that case, we’d recommend photochromic or transition lenses for you. These clever lenses change from clear to dark depending on your environment. For example, indoors watching television they would be clear, but when you go out on the shooting range they will gradually change to a darker colour to help protect your eyes.


At Eye Emporium we speak to many golfers, so we have a lot of experience in recommending the best frames and lenses for your requirements. We also regularly hear how well certain lenses have worked for our patients, so we can give your ‘real-life’ feedback too.

If you’d like more information on the best frames or lenses for your chosen sport, or you’d like to arrange your next eye examination, just give our friendly experts a call on 0800 020 9202.