Let’s Start the New Year With Colour Contact Lenses

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For a limited time only

It’s The New Year, So It’s A New Me

With the New Year fast approaching, it is about that time of year when we say “it’s the New Year, so it’s a new me.” It is inevitable that every once and a while you want to change your appearance, and with the New Year approaching it is a great time to start. You are bored of dying your hair, you have had your hair cut in a variety of styles and you have just been hunting for a new top that screams ‘This is the new me’. After all of that, you are still in search of something that gives you the look that you want. We have found a solution to this age-old problem: Colour contact lenses. The fabulous lenses provides you with the option to dramatically change your look or just give your eye colour some enhancement. Don’t rush to your local Eye Emporium just yet! We still need to tell you about our remarkable colour contact lens package.
For a limited time only
The Tosca Lenses Now Available!
If you want to change your look, then why not start with your eye colour. Often people want their eye colour to complement their hair to achieve this colour lenses are typically used. The natural colour lenses blends two similar colours to create a beautiful mixture, for example, the use of blue and green in the Tosca lens. This produces a brightness that you may not have thought that your eyes could have. With our wide range of lenses you are guaranteed to find a lens that will look fantastic on you.

Make Sure You Are Ready…

With the party season coming up you want to surprise your fellow party goers. The best way to achieve this, is to wear the phantom lenses which are theatrical, unique and striking. This creates the perfect New Year’s Eve accessory! If you have a scary character in mind for a New Year’s bash then the Blackout lenses will terrify the entire crowd. If you fancy dressing like a scaly lizard, then you need the piercing Creeper lenses. If you have a 1990s party do not worry as we have the perfect addition to your outfit, Smiley lenses that will have you reminiscing about the ‘90s rave scene. If you have a superhero party in the near future, you can look like you have just stepped out of a Marvel film with the Angelic Red lenses. Whatever the occasion, we have a lens that will make you win the best fancy dress award.
For a limited time only
These phantom lenses are now available!
We care about your eye health and we want to encourage you to get your lenses at an opticians. In recent years, there have been many articles warning the public about the danger of buying contact lenses online or at gift shops. It is highly recommended that you buy contact lenses from an opticians, as you can have a consultation to see what lens would best suit your eyes. Contact lenses that you can buy over-the-counter are not worth the risk of possible infection or even blindness. We want to give you safe, fashionable and excellent colour contact lenses that make you feel that New Year’s Eve spark.
That is why we are doing an exclusive and incredible deal just for you. We are going to give you an eye test, a contact lens consultation and a two months supply of colour contact lenses (that are included in the package) for only £59! We will give you an eye test to check your eye health and current prescription. Then, you will receive a consultation to measure what lenses will best suit you and what contact lens will suit your lifestyle. With this amazing package we are offering you professional guidance, stylish colour contact lenses, and that new look that you have been searching.
So whether you are looking for a change to your look for 2016, fancy making a statement at a party or even want to start using contact lenses, we have a perfect lens for you. Why not treat yourself this festive season with the affordable and incredible package at only £59. You don’t want to miss out, so make sure you head down to your local Eye Emporium or John High today as this offer is for a limited time only.
To book an appointment call us on 0800 020 9202 or contact us online http://www.eye-emporium.com/book-an-eye-test/ .

From all of us at Eye Emporium and John High have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!