It’s National Fishing Month from 18th July to 31st August

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If you’re a keen fisherman or woman, you’ll probably already know that this week marks the beginning of National Fishing Month in the UK. For part of July and all of August, there will be lots of events up and down the country for those already mad about the sport, and to encourage new fans in their friends and family.
At Eye Emporium we don’t like to overlook months like these, most of all because we have a lot of patients who love nothing more than the peace and tranquillity of a day out by the water with their fishing rod for company. Of course, we have a distinct lack of fish in our practices so we’re marking National Fishing Month by explaining the specialist eyewear available to enhance your experience while fishing.
You may remember us talking about polarised lenses in various blog posts in the past. We’re great advocates of these lenses because we know just what a difference they make to the clarity and accuracy of your vision. And that doesn’t just mean your vision when you’re going about your day-to-day tasks; polarised lenses are perfect for sports too… and that includes fishing.
The basic benefits of wearing a pair of sunglasses when you fish are obvious. Firstly, they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and you can actually see what you’re looking at! But secondly, they also protect your eyes from hazards such as rogue hooks. A day of fishing is completely ruined by a trip to A&E!


A good pair of sunglasses will also protect you from the dreaded glare that often comes off the water – especially on sunny days, but even in low light. As well as causing damage to your eyes (even causing sunburn of the eye in some cases), glare can mean that you are thrown off due to restricted vision.
Polarised sunglasses allow you better, protected sight all round. They even allow you to see below the water’s surface more easily, allowing you to identify different depths of water and of course, fish.
Specialist sunglasses for fishing can be made to your prescription if you wear glasses day-to-day, or they can be made without prescription if you’re fortunate enough to have 20/20 vision. There is a large choice of frames for you too, with wraparound styles being popular as they don’t allow the sun to peek in at the sides.
Finally, there is a great range of tints that you can have applied to your new lenses that are ideal for fishing. These tints colour your lenses and optimise them for the conditions in which you’ll be using them. For example, a brown tint is most commonly used as it’s great with many fishing conditions; yellow or orange is best for low light so perfect for evening fishing; and blue mirror lenses are great for fishing in blue waters.
Whichever your water of choice, Eye Emporium has a solution for your eyewear and we’d be delighted to help you find the glasses that will help to improve your fishing performance. For more information or to speak to our team of experts, just give us a call on 0800 020 9202.