Introducing John High Faversham’s New Hearing Care Centre!

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Over the years, Eye Emporium has been dedicated to providing patients with superb specialist Optical care; that is at the forefront its field. Because of this, it seems like a natural progression to now offer this standard of health care to another of your most important senses: your hearing. With this, we are now thrilled to introduce John High Faversham’s new hearing care centre!Introducing our hearing care centre!
In 2016 we at Eye Emporium are celebrating our 20th year in the Optical field. From our humble beginnings, we have always expanded with the single core value always in mind: To provide our patients with specialist knowledge, designer frames and a unique aftercare service. Over the course of twenty years Eye Emporium has rapidly expanded and is now renowned for offering patients a tailored service that is not seen anywhere else on the high street. With 9 outstanding branches across London, our founders have decided it is time to explore new areas across England; in an effort to ensure all local communities can enjoy these Eye Emporium values.
The Directors have set their sights on the Kent region, where Eye Emporium is now collaborating with John High Opticians. It was a natural coalition as John High Opticians have always had a strong presence within the community. The employees are applauded for their excellent customer service skills which ensures that their patients are always more than satisfied and will return.
Introducing our hearing care centre!As you already know Eye Emporium travels across the world in search for the latest eyewear trends and styles. Eye Emporium brought this unique aspect to the John High practices which are now equipped with the most fashionable frame designers at an affordable price. Such as the theatrical Versace collection, the individualistic William Morris and the traditional Silhouette frames. All of the specs are available with an array of quality lenses to give you the clearest sight. Every product that we offer is handpicked by our specialist team who know your taste best. They bear in mind personality attributes, occupation and your budget, so you are guaranteed to find your perfect frame!
We believe there is a need for hearing facilities in Faversham that can offer you an insightful hearing test, drop-in appointments and a tailored aftercare service. With 1 in 6 people affected by hearing loss in the United Kingdom, isn’t it time you find out the health of your hearing? Especially as on average only 13% of GPs do routine ear checks on their patients when conducting a health MOT, so why not take advantage of our FREE and NEW service.Introducing our hearing care centre!
If you require hearing aids following the outcome of your hearing assessment, we will happily offer free hearing aid demonstrations – taking into account your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. Following the Eye Emporium way, the team have travelled across the world to find the best hearing aids to suit your needs and budget.
We are ecstatic that we are celebrating our 20th year by adding a brand new facility. This shows just how much we have expanded over the years and our ever-developing nature to always give you more. We are commemorating this new feature by giving YOU a free hearing screening.
It is at the heart of everything we do to provide you with a relaxing experience at John High Opticians filled with expertise, insightful knowledge and a welcoming smile. This unique service is given to make your hearing aid experience as simple and comfortable as possible.
To get your free hearing assessment call us on 01795 532803 or pop in to our John High Faversham practice. We look forward to seeing you!