If you’ve been inspired by the World Cup, read on…

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Football world cup

It’s that time again when football fever takes hold of countries across the globe. Yes, the World Cup means that for a few weeks, football fans eat, sleep and breathe the beautiful game. You can’t watch television for more than 10 minutes without catching glimpse of a game, or at least hearing reference to one, and even those who usually detest football get behind their country and host World Cup parties to watch matches with friends and family.

But as well as watching more football than you would think possible in such a short period of time, and socialising far more than usual, a lot of people become inspired by the world’s best players and decide to take football up as a hobby.

This is a great side effect because it means more of us are getting out and exercising regularly, which is good for our health and fitness. But if you wear specs, it might not be as easy to master the skills of the game as you might first think.

You see, normal glasses have a tendency to bounce around your face when you play sports because your movements are more vigorous and powerful. As you can imagine, this isn’t great when you’re competing, because it means that your concentration, accuracy and depth-perception are all hindered.

Of course, you have the option of sports frames which are increasingly popular, with big brands designing frames that counter the elements that usually restrict glasses-wearers when playing their chosen sport. For example, some frames wrap further around the side of the face to allow a wider field of vision, which is great for golf.

However, with a contact sport like football, you need to be aware of the dangers that glasses lenses can pose. It may only take one off-target kick or an accidental elbow to the face to shatter a lens. The results of this are not worth imagining.

That’s why a lot of footballers choose contact lenses as their preferred vision correction. Unlike specs, contact lenses don’t wobble about on your face, they don’t restrict your field of vision, and they certainly don’t have the risks that are associated with shattered glass near your eye.

At Eye Emporium, we’d recommend that anyone who regularly plays contact sports has a contact lens trial. You might be amazed at the difference contact lenses can make to your game, that’s why we offer these trials for free.

You may have considered contact lenses in the past but been advised that they were not suitable for you. However, in recent years, contact lens technology has significantly advanced, meaning that there are now lenses that are suitable for just about everyone. There are lots of options available too, from daily wear lenses, to monthly lenses – you can even opt for coloured lenses to subtly change your appearance!

Test out a pair of contact lenses the next time you play football and see how you get on. To arrange your free contact lens trial just give our experts at Eye Emporium a call on 0800 020 9202.