If you play sports, read on to see how you can easily improve your game…

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Contact lenses make you feel better

If you play sports you’ll know just how important good vision can be to your game. As well as simply helping you to clearly see what you’re doing, good vision improves your hand/eye coordination, accuracy, and reaction times. In fact, sharp vision can even give you better clarity between a ball and the terrain in many cases.

However, if you’re aware of the importance of good vision for sport, it’s possible that you need glasses to give you the competitive advantage. And while glasses are great for correcting your vision, when you’re playing sports they can often get in the way and actually become a distraction.

Most sports involve an element of jumping around or fast movement. For glasses wearers this means specs bouncing on your face, which in turn can hinder your performance. This isn’t ideal when you’re practicing, but it’s worse if you’re competing.

Of course, there are sport straps for your glasses. These attach to the arms for the specs and around the back of your head, holding the glasses tight to your face and reducing the bounce and the chance of them falling off altogether. These can be great for a casual kick about, but one thing that they won’t improve is your field of vision.

Glasses can restrict your field of vision, especially when the lenses are relatively small. For some sports this can mean you need to move your whole head when it’s not strictly necessary.

One other downside to wearing glasses for sport is the potential of them being broken – especially when it comes to contact sports. In fact, contact sports can actually pose a threat to your eyes if you wear glasses. One false move, flying elbow, or rogue ball has the potential to smash a lens, meaning your eye could be damaged.

At Eye Emporium we see lots of sports people all looking to improve their game by improving their sight. We highly recommend they trial contact lenses.

If you require glasses and haven’t tried contact lenses, what are you waiting for? Modern advances mean that almost everyone is suitable to wear contact lenses, and the benefits they offer are countless. For example, they don’t move when you move, they give you the same field of vision that a non-glasses wearer has, they are not at risk of being damaged in contact sports and they won’t fall off mid-game!

Even if you’re attached to your specs, daily contact lenses mean that you can buy a supply to wear only when you’re playing your chosen sport. You simply throw them away after use.

With proper care, contact lenses can only improve your game. And your optician will take time to properly fit your lenses and teach you how to insert, remove and care for them properly.

If you haven’t considered contact lenses visit us to start a trial to see how you get on. Even if you’ve tried them in the past and not liked them it’s worth trying them out again, because there are lots of different types to try.

For more information or to arrange your trial, give our expert team at Eye Emporium a call on 0800 020 9202.