Heatwave Survival Guide

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Thermometer on the beach showing high temperature  background
It has been reported that we will be experiencing the hot summer temperatures we’ve been having for a further two weeks. So we’ve got you covered with on how to keep cool (this is not a health guideline but merely generic advice.)


1.We all scream for sunscreen: The only reason as to why everybody stresses the importance of wearing SPF is because it actually is indeed fundamental. Aside from it slowering aging i.e. getting wrinkles but it protects from sunburns that can contribute to cancer. Dermatologist recommend using factor 15-30 (in fact we advise you use this regularly anyway, even on days when you don’t see the sun too.) What does SPF even mean? Sun Protection Factor, which is self-explanatory hence why you shouldn’t go without. The higher the factor, the higher increase in protection is true, yes, but you shouldn’t be needing anything more than 50.

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2. Put the kettle on: Hot drinks can be a natural defuser which is only partly true depending on the context. Drinking a warm liquid as opposed to piping hot or iced cold will be best in cooling you down. Ice can in fact increase body heat because of the restriction to blood flow it can cause once consumed. Tea is also hydrating and can quench our thirst so to speak, you can notice that once you have had a glass of tea you don’t particularly need feel the need to drink other fluids. However this doesn’t mean you should, keeping hydrated by drinking water is very important and even more so you are having the regulated amount on a daily basis.


3. 8 Glasses a day: It is advised that you carry a bottle of water with you during this weather and keep consuming it throughout the day. Not drinking water can make you dehydrated, which could lead to other problems such as dizziness and possibly fainting. To avoid dehydration please drink as much water as you can. It is also a fantastic skin remedy, in fact it is all round good and beneficial for your health. The constant reminders announced on the underground may be annoying but they are something to be appreciative off.

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4. Shades of coolness: Ultraviolet radiation is found naturally in sunlight. Exposure to UV radiation can cause our skin to tan and can also cause many eye conditions as well. Ideally, all children and adults should wear good quality sunglasses and a peaked hat when the sun it out, or even better, polarized lenses. Transitional lenses: UV protected lenses and their tint varies with light. These are fully UV protected and a flexible lens which adapt to light by tinting in the sun but also being clear indoors.


5. Unplug yourself: After using all your electricals be sure to unplug them, chargers especially are adaptors and even though your devices may not be inserted, if the plug is switched on then it will still be consuming your electricity. Turning this off will not only be cost-effective (hopefully lower your electricity bill) but the decrease in radiation and heat generated from this will cool you down. Also you can use this as a good detox to literally switch of from emails, social media and other temptations from your phone or laptop.


For any information regarding eye health and eye care in summer weather conditions feel free to inquire with us by sending us an email on: info@eye-emporium.com or book an appointment with us here as it’s super easy to do so and you will get an appointment straight away.