Halloween: Wearing Novelty Contacts with your Costume

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Scary vampire girl
Thinking of buying scary contact lenses for your Halloween costume this year? Buying them from a fancy dress shop over the counter or online at a cheap price may seem convenient but can have an even horrifying result.

We all know it looks cool to have our eyes match the overall look of our costume, even just to keep it simple and insert some spooky looking contact lenses to scare. Whatever the reason may be for you considering to wear contact lenses for Halloween, we suggest you’re aware and consider buying a safer alternative of prescription coloured contact lenses instead.

Often made up off plastic materials, these contact lenses come with very little safety warnings and unlike prescription contact lenses they are not tailored to your eyes. Below is a list of things to consider if you were looking to buy these ‘fancy-dress-contact-lenses’

  • Could potentially give you an eye infection could even lead to blindness
  • Easily scratch your cornea (the most vulnerable part of the eye)
  • Wearing the same pair, year-after-year, past it’s expiry date
  • Sharing contact lenses with others to try on/wear
  • Storing them in tape water or them coming into contact with any other liquid other than it’s solution
  • Inserting without clean hands

You must know how to correctly insert and extract your contact lenses, as well as storing and maintaining the lenses in a well kept way. Whilst lenses are accessible anywhere and everywhere all over, the people selling these to you need to be advising you of the correct ways and hygiene use of inserting contact lenses.

This is why it is recommended to have your an eye health check and an optometrist to instruct you on how to apply contact lenses correctly. Don’t give yourself a literal Eye Health scare this year and keep safe.


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